community proposal POI vote

This post is published at the moment of the start of proposal voting. The proposal was not changed and can be found here: proposal to fund Catapult development for a year with budget of 21M XEM (0.61% of reserves)
The goal of this post is to encourage voting and help to understand the essence of the proposal.

TLDR; will ask NEM Core of reserve 0.61% of reserves to pay for year of the work of Catapult developers who are already involved and hire more developers ASAP, e.g. as soon as NEM Labs and NEM Foundation will get funding and start paying developers.

This vote doesn’t have any power of allocating funds. As @gimre mentioned the purpose of this and other such votes is same as of recent votes from NEM Labs and NEM Foundation — to filter things before they reach NEM Core.

He also inspired us to give a short version of this proposal:

  1. Until either NEM Foundation, NEM Labs funding is not allocated developers from their team who contribute to Catapult release will be paid from funds of We will communicate with their management to coordinate allocation of efforts for fastest Catapult release. If funds will allow we will add a CTO/CEO and if possible senior devs to the team.

  2. As soon as NEM Foundation/NEM Labs can pay their developers, we will provide you and other core developers a filtered list of candidates and plans how their work can help to release Catapult. We know that screening candidate is time-consuming so we’ve got a process in place to minimize your efforts to make decisions on whom to hire, e.g., we will propose a holistic plan with teams and roles for a whole range of work and will ask for choice of priorities and candidates for specific positions. In essence, we want to allocate the whole budget to one task: almost immediately double development efforts without waiting until NEM Foundation and NEM Labs will hire developers per their plan.

  3. Before publishing this proposal, we were looking for potential team members proactively and got a process in place for finding, filtering, presenting to you, choosing and hiring them. From the moment of publishing this proposal, we are looking for individual developers and teams who are interested in helping Catapult release to give an even better choice of talent with even higher ROI. Our focus is on full-time mid/senior developers, yet we value any contributions, and highest ROI is a top priority so part-time/junior developers will also be considered, with priority to those who’ve contributed to NEM in the past.

Summary inspired by @corporal_clegg:

The community wants Catapult, first and foremost. We like many others thinks that the 12 million funding “approved” for the Foundation and Labs is too risky for NEM’s sustainability, and so we are proposing a much leaner approach. We are suggesting a budget of ~$1 million for Catapult development, less than 7.5% of the budget currently accepted by the community. First, we will ask founding members for this funds, and then we will pay the people that the other projects are presuming to hire, without paying all the C-suite salaries.

If, as the community expects, Catapult release will help the token price, it makes more sense to do Catapult only and fund the other auxiliary projects when the token price is on firmer ground and when there is a product in place.

Who we are:

Until other proposals are funded, we are going to do exactly what they’ve planned regarding Catapult development and nothing else, and the same people will do it, people, who work with NEM Labs and NEM Foundation. Any extra funding left (e.g., when other proposals are funded and start paying developers) will be used to expand the same effort — Catapult development. The talent hiring process will be transparent and opened for everyone. We are opened to include more candidates as it will give us the best talent.

As of now, we are just a few experienced developers who are deeply involved in this and over 30 who are interested, provided required information and match, but we don’t insist that any one of us should be hired. We want as many competitors as possible.
We keep collecting CV’s, and everyone is invited to share their skills in the form of CV’s, code samples, etc.

As soon as we get preliminary interest from Core Devs in selecting specific individuals, we will post more info on those candidates. approach to development:


NEM need multiple projects where there is a need for more development efforts yet can’t give it as a big project to the outside company.


We would like to propose, a group of people (and principles of how it evolves) who are ready to be hired as individuals.


  1. Architecture docs

  2. Write specs

  3. Development

Communications structure and tools

As we have to repeat most of the components of an ecosystem for NEM 1.0 and much more with new functionality like plugins system, we need to plan and prioritize this work to make sure we have the shortest possible timeline and efficiency without duplicating work and bottlenecks.

We need only architects and communication with the community at first to:

  1. define functionality

  2. prioritize

  3. plan development

Approach to development

Small teams of developers + QA’s

We can take any level of commitment regarding roadmap. While not all info regarding roadmap is public/ready, we can rely on a general understanding of what’s needed and start work based on that.

There is a backlog that we can structure into executable tasks.

Cow release of Catapult is there, C++ development can benefit from few more developers, but that’s not a single priority as we need more SDK’s etc up to date for new releases.

Priority is not on the core team extension but other parts, an API layer, higher level tools: SDKs, blockchain Explorer, wallet and more “satellite” projects.

We need high level or clarity in architecture and a general overview of all parts of the ecosystem so that we can structure efficient work structured into easily manageable project plans for each small team.

The team evolution process is iterative, in each iteration:

    • First, we provide CV’s; we go through the process of checking if the candidate meets requirements, including technical interviews, code samples check, etc.
    • Core devs review, select and approve hiring
    • People are hired and are getting access to info/code after signing NDA whenever needed.

We work on architecture and artifacts that to enable small teams efficient work.

We want to avoid the experience of “vendor lock” and no responsibility or dependence on specific developers with this approach. At the same time, we would like to solve the problem of the massive scope of work and too few people with getting small teams and making sure that they are happy and efficient in their work.

Specific additional projects that were considered:

  • Lightning network
  • Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets support
  • Aliases system upgrade

We want to emphasize that people whom we present in CV’s are not just individuals but have significant experience working as teams.

In case if some people are not perfect in English but their code is perfect, they work in pairs, so each pair has a person with fluent English.

As NEM Foundation got first funding by now in addition to funding NEM Labs developers we provide detailed info with code samples to Core Devs about our team including but not restricted following team members whom we’d propose to select for work on Catapult (see reply to this message below).

How to vote:

Poll address for voting via the NEM Wallet/Nano Wallet voting center: NCKLCV4VMQLWQYKWZ7OV5PIB4V7XGKBVVTXFCXFG
(Tutorial: English 日本語 ):

In case if there is spam in the voting center. We recommend manual voting:

To vote yes , send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:


To vote no , send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:


The vote is POI based and runs until 11 March 2019; all community members are encouraged to vote. No more changes shall be made in order to give the community a firm proposal to vote.

There are more members but for now, mentioning a few individuals with a focus on tech. As for tech, there are whole teams specialized in native mobile apps etc. and just a part was included here. I’ll be happy to prepare full list either for you or in a form that we can publish as a part or followup for the post. Important here is the fact that those people are merely supporting me just as e.g. Rene from LuxTag, they don’t require funding and all of them including me will be candidates for you to review before any funding is allocated for work of specific individuals. The first focus is on saving talent that we NL/NF already have - those working with Jeff and Kristof till now.


Maxim Penzin - senior software engineer - whom you probably know as the author of this code as we've worked on many NEM projects and had experience developing other blockchains from scratch in past.

Working in the software industry since 1987. I am experienced in Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++. More than 10 years of medical database systems development, real-time hardware IoT projects, number of web projects.

At present prefer modern technologies – Clojure, MongoDB, React, Chatbots and so on.


  • Angara.Net ®
    active people community,
    weather data gathering and environmental monitoring network,
    software and hardware solutions based on open source
    weather data API technology demo
    instant messaging automation with real time geospatial data




Responsible, committed and self-motivated engineer with more than a decade of experience designing, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated online web applications using Clojure, ClojureScript, Java, JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Linux, NodeJS, React.



Full Stack Developer January 2002 - Present Irkutsk, Russia

Telegram chat bot development - interactive interface, geolocation features, scheduled notifications for real-time weather network - Clojure/MongoDB. The front end and back end for weather data gathering network - CoffeeScript/ NodeJS -

Look At Media

Senior Software Engineer

August 2016 - January 2017 (6 months) Moscow, Russian Federation

Design backend for educational chatbot platform working on Facebook. Implement MVP and working prototype in Clojure with backend on PostgreSQL/MongoDB.

Irkutsk Regional Oncology Center - Senior Software Engineer

February 2004 - October 2016 (12 years 9 months)

Irkutsk Region, Russian Federation

Design and implement a sophisticated web-based medical information system for a large regional hospital using Java, Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL technologies. The system provides storage and processing for millions of medical records. It tracks more than 400 thousand patients.

Lionhearth Technologies, Inc. Software Engineer

June 1999 - June 2003 (4 years 1 month) San Jose, CA

Real-time image processing routines and network cluster infrastructure - C, DirectX, Python, Java, Linux.


Irkutsk State University

Mathematics and Computer Science · (1985 - 1993)

Alexey Zorkaltsev - Team Lead - Zork (Alexey Zorkaltsev)- our architect and team lead lead hundreds of developers in companies ranging from US DARPA project to outsourcing giants like LuxSoft and his own company where they've developed quite a lot of amazing things like this DS Common and it's JS upgrade, which was initial idea of NEM rapid prototyping framework that later on was cut down to what we have now based on IBM code.


Alex F - security expert/DevOps/Documentation hero who've worked in a top bank for decades and helped us to pitch NEM to governments and central banks (we've got a solution that combined multisig/hardware wallet and cold storage for maximum security)

available up on request

Grigory Shushakov - iOS software engineer - the main person (together with his team that can join us but is not listed here due to privacy concerns) behind top-rated iOS crypto wallet

Professional Summary

Results-oriented software developer and research professional with sixteen years of experience in both development and research positions. I make it my goal to create software with the user in mind, creating applications with a useable and intuitive user interface experience. I also understand the importance of creating a highly readable and easily maintainable source code. I am constantly striving to learn new technologies and look to ways to better myself in this rapidly changing industry.

Core Qualifications

Superior proficiency with XCode IDE and iPhone SDK

Profound experience with Swift and Objective-C languages

Strong record developing apps for iPad and iPhone

Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Exceptional ability to work in a fast-paced high-pressure environment

High skills in developing complicated UI, hard animations

Good knowledge of interaction with service APIs, event buses

Firm background in software designing and programming skills

Understanding blockchain techniques and standards

Technical skills

  • Languages: Swift, Objective-C, Python, C
  • Databases: CoreData, SQLite, Realm, Oracle
  • Visual technologies: UIKit, SpriteKit, SceneKit, CAAnimations Web services: WebSocket, REST, SOAP, WSDL
  • Text formats: XML, JSON
  • RP: ReactiveCocoa, RxSwift
  • Cryptography: DES, AES, RSA, ECC, ECIES, Diffie-Hellman


iOS software engineer

Dates: 02/2016-07/2017


New real-time startup product from scratch. Second version link

iOS software engineer

Dates: 06/2015 - 02/2016

VIP Service

Full application UI/UX redesign. Add functionalities: authorization, profile, save passengers and tickets, promo-codes, offers of additional services. Company analytics application.

iOS software engineer

Dates: 12/2014 - 06/2015


PCRadio application from scratch. Online radio streaming, with recording and many functions.

1S software engineer

Dates: 07/2012 - 12/2014

NBB Development Accounting software service for Sochi2014

1S software engineer

Dates: 01/2009 - 05/2012

RN Inform

Accounting software service of petroleum plant

Cisco network engineer

Dates: 08/2000 - 01/2009

RZD Russian railways Building scalable data& voice MPLS networks


Siberian University Of Technologies

1999 Bachelors of Science – Computer Engineering 2000 Masters of Science – Computer Engineering


Max - Web developer with 6 years’ successful experience, a great team leader who've helped top Russian IT gigant to build teams of their top products


Have been working at Yandex for the last 3 years, took part in Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Search projects.

Have a versatile web development experience: frontend, backend, devops. Last year have been developing command line utilities and tools for automating continuous integration and deployment.

Personal skills

Have mentoring, consultation and interviewing experience. Participated in the selection of candidates and the supervision of groups at the Interface Development School in Minsk (2016) and Moscow (2016-2017), conducting hackathons for students.

Personal skills

Have managerial skills and leadership experience, work closely with other developers and professionals, take the initiative and communicate confidently.

Can quickly fit into any existing team of developers and come up with solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Have the ability to work on my own with minimum supervision.

Highly motivated, energetic, creative and imaginative person. I never stand still, constantly developing and learning new things.

Technical skills

  • Computer Science: Algorithms, Data Structures;
  • Languages: Javascript, Node.js, Python, bash;
  • Databases: MongoDB, Redis;
  • Security: XSS , CORS, CSP, HTTPS;
  • Frontend: React, Webpack, page loading optimization;
  • Network: HTTP, TCP;
  • Tools: Docker, Ansible;
  • VCS: Git, SVN;
  • OS: Linux, MacOS;
Arkadiy Obolkin - Engineer in the development and implementation of software. He is a senior developer and experienced CTO with rich blockchain development experience, in essence, he is successful CTO of blockchain startup who could build a team and product from scratch.


Extensive experience with a variety of programming languages and development tools. Experience in design and database maintenance, as well as the construction of complicated systems based on the work with databases and blockchain. Experience in the development

of expert systems. Experience developing applications for mobile devices. Experience in the user interface design. Participated in the development and implementation of software for large companies (more than 20 large projects). I developed mobile applications

for devices based on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, including client-server applications using Web services, Dot Net Framework, and database MSSQL.

Blockchain experience

Since 2017, he has been actively working on several blockchain projects based on Ethereum:

The successful launch of blockchain product

launched a private blockchain for DS Plus company and coin in public network. Automatic exchange applications (gateways) have been developed to transfer coins between public and private networks. The integration of online services and mobile applications of the company with network nodes (displaying balances on user accounts, displaying and sending transactions). Developed specialized smart contracts for the company’s marketplace, allowing them to perform secure transactions between the seller and the buyer of the goods. Developed its block-explorer for private blockchain. Third-party audits of smart contracts were completed successfully. At the moment the company ceased its activities.

Online lottery

Developed smart contracts and web interface for the automatic online lottery. The main smart contract allows you to buy lottery tickets for the Ether, and then, after a specific block, automatically draw among the purchased tickets. Additional contracts provide for the payment of commissions for investors, development team and marketers. The lottery is entirely Autonomous - it does not require any actions from the system administrators, as well as any backend other than the Ethereum blockchain. A third-party audit of these contracts was successful. The customer accepted the result code.


I developed smart contracts for a small RPG-game. The game allows you to conduct turn-based battles between virtual fighters. Each move is a separate transaction. The winner is determined based on the unique characteristics of the fighter (for example, strength, agility, health), the selected direction of impact and block, and the element of chance. Early in the fight produced equivalent rates in Ether. The winner automatically receives both bets.


Irkutsk State Technical University, Irkutsk — graduate

Sep 2000 - Jul 2005

Cybernetics department, specialty: automated information processing and control systems.




Feb 2016 - Sep 2018 Irkutsk Region, Russian Federation

Management of the technical department, product architecture design and direct participation in the development and implementation of the company’s online services, including:

  • server-side software, based on Ruby on Rails and iOS/Android mobile applications, in two languages for a wide audience of users;

  • client portal, for maintaining your client page in the application;

  • own private blockchain based on Ethereum, with integration with the company’s software, including the development of its smart contracts to serve business processes.

“Indegro,” Ltd., Irkutsk

CTO, Software Engineer

Oct 2010 - Feb 2016 Irkutsk Region, Russian Federation

Managing a team of developers and closely involved in developing and implementation of software of varying difficulty (including web applications, software for mobile devices). During the work, several large projects have been completed, including:

2012, State Unitary Company “Oblkommunenergo,” Irkutsk. The automated system of control and accounting of the power supply of the Smolenshina settlement (design work).

2012, JSC “Road Service of the Irkutsk Region,” Irkutsk. Automated system for monitoring and accounting of fuel consumption.

2012, “Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.” Development of a new method for diagnosing nutrient deficiencies in the human body based on artificial intelligence technologies (neural network). 2012, LLC “Khuzhir-Enterprise,” Oka district of the Republic of Buryatia. The automated process control system of the “Konevinskoe” gold mining plant. 2013, LLC “Sibfarm”. Development of an information system for issuing recommendations on healthy nutrition children in educational institutions. 2015, Development of an information system for managing the processes of the Escort transport company (taxi).

2015, SRI “Irgiredmet”, Irkutsk. Automated system for the installation of intensive cyanidation of a gravity concentrate.

2015, Developing an online logistic service based on a web interface and iOS, Android applications.

2015, LLC “Info-Logic”, Irkutsk. The system of automated management of business processes of the company.

2018, Polyus Gold, Olimpiada mine, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Commissioning work on the launch of a new desorption unit.

“Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical Company”, Ltd., Irkutsk office Software Engineer

Development and implementation of software for business clients of the company and design of systems in the field of automation of technological processes (in production). During the work, several large projects have been completed, including:

2007, JSC Irkutskenergo, Angarsk. Expansion of the automated dispatch system of technological control of pumping stations for the object UTS TPP-9. 2007, IrkAZ-SUAL OJSC, Shelekhov. Expansion of compressor station No2. Construction of the complex V series of aluminum electrolysis with burned anodes of 300 kA.

2007, IrkAZ-SUAL OJSC, Shelekhov. Alumina receiving warehouse. Installation of dust cleaning. 2007-2008, JSC “Alrosa”, Mine “Internationally”, Mirny (Yakutia). The automated system of operational dispatch control. Subsystem “Monitoring of personnel and vehicles”.

2008–2009, JSC “Alrosa”, Processing Plant No16, Nakyn (Yakutia). Service and modernization of integrated information automated factory systems.

2008, JSC “Alrosa”, Mine “International”, Mirny (Yakutia). The system of the uninterrupted power supply of the main administration building.

2008–2009, JSC Alrosa, “Mir” Mine, Mirny (Yakutia). The automated system of operational dispatching mine management. Monitoring of personnel and underground transport.

2008, JSC “Alrosa”, Mine “Mir”, Mirny (Yakutia). Automated control and monitoring mine elevator system. Automation of mining and mechanical works.

“East Siberian office of automation”, Ltd., Irkutsk Software Engineer

июнь 2005 - февраль 2007 (1 год 9 месяцев)

Development and implementation of software for business clients in the field of automation of technological processes. During the time of work, several large projects have been completed, including:

2005, JSC “Alrosa”, Draga No203, Mirny (Yakutia). The system of automated control of the dredge.

2005, JSC “Alrosa”, Mine “International”. The system of automated control and monitoring of the main ventilation fan.

2005, JSC “Alrosa”, Aikhal GOK, Aikhal settlement (Yakutia). ACS “Energo”, the enterprise of the regional electrical network.

2006, JSC “Alrosa”, Mine “Internatsionalny”, Mirny (Yakutia). The system of automated control and monitoring of the air conditioning installation of the cage shaft of the auxiliary services block.

2006, “Karat”, Mirny (Yakutia). The system of monitoring trucks movement . 2006, JSC “Alrosa”, Mine “Internatsionalny”, Mirny (Yakutia). The system of automated control and monitoring of the power supply surface complex.

2006, JSC “Alrosa”, Mine “Internatsionalny”, Mirny (Yakutia). Modernization of the main control room.

Irkutsk State University, International Institute of Economics and Linguistics

Software Engineer

Nov 2004 - Mar 2005 Russian Federation

Maintaining information systems
Russian Academy of Sciences

Software Developer


Kirill - Software Engineer, Android Developer


DS Plus (PlusCoin), Irkutsk — software engineer

Mar 2016 - PRESENT

Lead Android developer.


Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk — graduate

Sep 2012 - Jul 2016

Institute of Mathematics, Economics, and Informatics. Software development and administration of information systems.


Engineer in the development of Android apps. 3 years experience with a variety of tasks and technologies include implementation of the blockchain wallet functions.


Software Development, Java, Android SDK, Retrofit, Sugar ORM, ContentProvider, Realm, Room Persistence Library.

Pavel - Software Engineer, iOS Developer


DS Plus (PlusCoin), Irkutsk — software engineer

Mar 2016 - PRESENT

Lead iOS developer.


Irkutsk State Transport University, Irkutsk — graduate

Sep 2013 - Jul 2018

Cybernetics department, specialty: information system security and computer science.


Engineer in the development of iOS mobile apps. 4 years experience with a variety of tasks and technologies include implementation of the blockchain wallet functions.


Software Development, Swift, Python, iOS

Alexey Agildin - Software Engineer


DS Plus (PlusCoin), Irkutsk — software engineer

Mar 2016 - PRESENT

Full-stack web developer (including interactions with blockchain), iOS developer.


Irkutsk State Technical University, Irkutsk — master

Sep 2016 - Jul 2018

Cybernetics department, specialty: automated information processing and control systems.

Irkutsk State Technical University, Irkutsk — bachelor

Sep 2012 - Jul 2016

Cybernetics department, specialty: automated information processing and control systems.


The development and implementation of software. Experience with programming languages and development tools include mobile apps.


Software Development, Process Automation, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, SQL, Pascal, HTML, CSS, JS, web3.js

Ivan - Software Engineer, Full-stack web developer, System Administrator


DS Plus (PlusCoin), Irkutsk — Lead Web Developer

Sep 2017 - PRESENT

Development and maintenance of several projects of the company including web & blockchain technologies, maintenance of Linux servers (deploy, configuration, monitoring) and writing smart contracts Ethereum.

Technical Director, Irkutsk — Web developer

Dec 2016 - Aug 2017

Design and development internal project for monitoring the performance of sites and Internet businesses using database pipelinedb.

AVV Group, Irkutsk office — software engineer, team lead

Jan 2016 - Nov 2016

Development of a backend (logic and mobile API) and a web client for a large cloud service for interaction between guests, hotel staff and partners network.

IT-Summa, Irkutsk — software engineer

Dec 2014 - Dec 2015

Development and support of web projects in PHP, Python. Worked with Laravel, Django, Wordpress, Slim, 1C-Bitrix. Partially involved in support and remote administration of Linux/Unix servers, setting up Nginx, PHP-fpm, MySQL, incl. emergency troubleshooting at high-load web servers.


Know well the stack of frontend technologies HTML/CSS/JS. Know well AngularJS. A lot of PHP experience. Worked with Laravel, Yii2, Slim frameworks, as well as CMS: Wordpress, 1C-Bitrix. Experience in Python programming and working with Django. Good experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Can design and maintain SQL databases in different RDBMS: MySQL, Maria, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server. Experience of Java SE development for the desktop apps and some Java Servlets.

Experience in remote system administration of web servers based on Linux/Unix. Known well how to deploy, configure and maintain web server on Unix systems, as well as prepare a web project execution environment for working in highly loaded mode.


Software Architecture, Software Development, Smart contracts development (Ethereum), CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Django Framework, Laravel Framework, Python, Bash, Linux, AngularJS, jQuery, SQL, Unix, Java, Yii2, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Solidity.

Jury Gerasimov - chief of development, front-end


Reasoning Mind, front-end developer 2016-2018

Remote work for an American company with a Moscow office.

The task is to develop an interface for school teachers of mathematics. He participated in the development of UX and frontend architecture, correcting UI design, supporting web services of the company. Worked with cross-browser layout, CSS / PostCSS, JavaScript, Git., chief of development, front-end, 2014-2016 — regional events site with ticket system. Engaged in the creation of the concept and prototypes of the interface. Set tasks for developers and managed the development process as a whole.

Examples of prototypes -, chief of development, front-end 2011-2014 - Irkutsk city portal, now closed.

Tasks - the creation of the site interface, prototyping, layout, and JavaScript. Examples of prototypes -

Windows application development 1998-2011

Development of Windows applications as shareware (Chameleon Clock, Surfpack, Venezia, Image Expert, etc.). In all cases, I was the developer of the application interface, often the developer of the application entirely.

RUSIA Petroleum, database developer, 1995-1998

SOLARIS system is a Kovykta research database. Application interface development, implementation in Paradox for Windows.

Education: ISU, faculty of mathematics, 1995.

Job skills: product creation, from writing requirements to implementation; creation of the interface starting with prototypes and ending with the implementation of the frontend.

Useful skills: I am one of the founders Of the “forum of independent software developers” ISDEF –

I am engaged in the festival Baikal Live, where I have been a music producer for the last 7 years. I speak English fluently.

Fil Dunsky - UX team - Recently focused on UX for blockchain yet still being top rated illustrator

Since 2017 is in charge of UX of eSteem, UI for eSteem Mobile, eSteem Desktop & eSteem Search (

Behance | Instagram

Some of his clients:

ASUS, Beeline, BigBon, Blackberry, Bounty, Clear Vita ABE, Cosmopolitain, Danone, Domestos, Etisalat, F1 Grand Prix, JAF Tea, Heinz, Henkel, Gulliver Toys, Kinder, LINE, Lumene, Mail.Ru Group, Management France (Magazine), McDonald’s, Metro, Milka, Mobile World Congress, Orion, Panasonic, Pepsi, Sulá, TAT Ketchup, Telegram, Teva Pharmaceutical, The Hollywood Reporter, Wrigley, Yandex,

Alfa-Bank, VTB24, Dalsvyaz, Dixie, the Magazine “Health”, the Magazine “Our Psychology”, Publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” Publishing house “reed Media”, Coffee house, thumbnail, Masterartist, MegaFon, O’key, Onlaym, Classmates russian social network, PSB, Buttermilk, Rostelecom, Svyaznoy, Sochi 2014, Shishkin Les, Chocolate "Alenka”

Some agencies he worked with:

AdWatch Isobar, Bang Bang!, BBDO, DDB Guangzhou, DDB Istanbul, Drive Dentsu Dubai, IQ Marketing, JWT Praha, LeoBurnett, Lowe Adventa, Prior, Saatchi&Saatchi, Y&R…


English: For Adobe Blog | For Envato | Subsign | COLOURlovers | For Cruzine Magazine | For OnlyCreative Australia | For GodsOfArt | For Payoneer Blog | For Baron

Russian: Большое интервью для | Интересные вопросы от Дежурки | Для

Vera - Backend-programmer (Python) Experience 16 years

May 2017-December 2018

1 year 8 months


Information technologies, system integration, Internet

Software development

Software Developer

Support for an application running tests on phantomjs.

Writing a new version of this application: database architecture development, backend, frontend, deploy. (

  • Development of a multithreaded application backend on Flask+celery.

  • Application frontend development-JavaScript+bootstrap.

  • Deploy different Python applications to multiple servers via uwsgi.

  • Writing bash scripts for server deployment.

  • Administration of Python applications.

  • Administration of docker applications.

  • Create scripts for CI in Travis.

Python 2.7, Python 3, PostgreSQL, ubuntu, flask, tornado, docker, nginx, git, celery

February 2009-may 2017

8 years 4 months


Internet company (search engines, payment systems, social.networks, information, educational and entertainment resources, website promotion, etc)


Development of the website (town portal), which later turned into (city events guide and ticketing system)

  • development of database architecture for portal and

  • development of backend portals and

  • client-side portals and create a Django-templates;

  • interaction on API: social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki), payment systems (Paymaster, IntellectMoney, Qiwi), CRM (amoCRM, bitrix24), ticket systems (Basis, Rambler.Till),;

  • run cron tasks (Ubuntu).

  • parsing Irkutsk sites to add posters of movies etc automatically;

  • refactor current code: speed up and optimize.

  • project dispatch to the remote server

Website Province

  • development of the server part

  • admin panel

  • interact via API with a Tilde

Python 2.7, Django, Postgresql, Git, Ubuntu, nginx

May 2006-January 2007

9 months

OOO Metazirconate


Information technologies, system integration

Software development


Development of software for an accounting of budgetary institutions-schools and kindergartens.

She studied a new programming language and accounting features for budget organizations.

Visual FoxPro

October 2003-January 2006

2 years 4 months

Of irkutskgiprodornii


Construction, real estate, operation, design

the programmer of information technologies Department

Development of software to automate the filling of the corporate website content.

Participation in the development of a centralized database for storing and accessing graphics information.

Participate in the development of geoinformation systems. Coding procedures and functions for processing graphics information.

Development of a program for access to a centralized repository of graphics information and its display.

Modification of the software used for technical support of users (HelpDesk).

Studied the theory and creation of relational databases and geodata.

Delphi 3.0-7.0, MS SQL Server 2000, cvs.

July 2000-June 2003

3 years

Institute of solar-terrestrial physics SB RAS


Educational institution Research, scientific, academic activities

laboratory researcher

Development of software for converting graphics files from the format adopted at the Institute to the generally accepted format (*.bmp), and back.

Development of software to automate the access and processing of files describing the solar activity.

Tech skill













Atlassian Jira




Visual FoxPro




Software development


Ubuntu Server


Personal skills

  • a responsible approach to even the most simple tasks;

  • I try to take on complex, interesting projects;

  • I know how to meet deadlines;

  • I get along well with people, quickly establish contacts

Higher education


Mathematical/applied mathematics, mathematician


Seminar " Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database»



Information security

Irkutsk State University

Maksim Chetverikov

Node.js developer


Aggregation Ltd.

Back-end Developer

May 2016 - February 2019 (2 years 10 months)


Senior Web Engineer

February 2013 - July 2016 (3 years 6 months)

I was working in Artflame, developing the website (PHP, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Catberry.js, backbone.js, knockout.js).

I completely reworked the backend to speed. Wrote a RESTful API with node.js, transferred data from MySQL to MongoDB, rewrote the PHP backend to work with the API. Developed admin panel using the API. The work done has allowed us to lower the resources used by the server 4 times.


Web Developer

October 2012-February 2013( 5 months) Russian Federation, Irkutsk

I was working on a start-up called API and backend in PHP + MySQL. Client-side Backbone + knockout.

PJSC “Rostelecom”

Web developer

January 2011-October 2012 (1 year 10 months) Russian Federation, Irkutsk

developing CRM (PHP, Postgres, JS, ZF2)

Irknet Telecom

Web developer

November 2009-August 2010( 10 months) Russian Federation, Irkutsk

I was developing several internal projects for monitoring network using PHP, Perl, MySQL.


Web developer

August 2009-November 2009 (4 months) Russian

Development of the site on Joomla


Irkutsk National Research Technical University

Specialist, Data processing and control systems engineering · (2010-2014)

Vladimir - Backend/Python developer and iOS Developer


2009 – 2016 — Team leader — Openite, the web portal for OpenSource

2012 – 2015 — Backend developer —, international trading company

2013 – 2013 — Team leader — Flippy Coin, coin game

2015 – 2015 — Backend developer —, food delivery service from restaurants 2015 – 2017 — CTO —, service for smart selections clothing sets

2017 – 2017 — Backend and iOS developer — Lina the Smart Bot Recipe, cooking chatbot- assistant

2018 – 2018 — Backend and iOS developer — Kitch APP app control for smart kitchen electronics


2007 – 2012 — Irkutsk State University Bratsk Branch — higher education, computer science economist


Senior Full-stack developer, Team leader


Python, Swift, team management, Django, Tornado, Flask, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, FireStore

Arthur - Frontend developer


2012 – 2013 — Frontend Developer —, the Pet Health Network is the leading vet authority on all topics related to your pet’s health

2013 – 2017 — Remote Frontend Developer —, cross-platform UI architecture selection

2017 – 2018 — Full-stack developer —, corporate website

2017 – 2018 — Remote Angular2 Developer —, risk reporting, and data analytics engine


2001 – 2006 — The Academy of Business Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Bachelor of Arts


UI engineer in front-end development, UI and graphic design, data visualizations


HTML, CSS/SASS, LESS, JavaScript (es5, es6, es7), PHP (basic), XML, JSON, AJAX, TypeScript, MySQL, MongoDB, Angular 1-5, ReactJS, Redux, NodeJs, D3.js, Ionic, Ionic2, Cordova, Grunt, Gulp, WebPack, JQuery, LoDash, RequireJS, HighCharts, Fusioncharts, JSF, JBoss RichFaces.

Alexander - iOS developer


2010 – 2016 — the system administrator

2017 – 2017 — iOS developer — Lina the Smart Recipe Bot, a culinary chat bot-assistant 2017 – Present — iOS developer — Samadhi, meditation training app

2018 – 2018 — iOS developer — Kitch APP app control for smart kitchen electronics 2018 – Present — iOS developer — Foorme, healthy eating app


2009 – 2014 — Irkutsk State University Bratsk Branch — higher education, computer science economist


Intermediate iOS developer


Firebird, Oracle DB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Swift 3+, Basic Obj-C, iOS SDK, XCode\AppCode, Firebase, IBM Watson, Git

Ilya - Frontend/Android / iOS developer


2016 – 2016 — Android developer — App to optimize warehouse space concert center 2016 – 2016 — Android developer — Application for delivery of products

2017 – 2017 — Frontend developer — a web application for freight

2018 – 2018 — Android developer — game quest

2018 – 2018 — iOS developer — Kitch APP app control for smart kitchen electronics


Intermediate Android and JavaScript developer


Swift, Java, JavaScript, Swift Framework: Node.js, React.js, Firebase

Nikolai - UX/UI designer


2008 – 2018 — NL International, Web UX/UI designer 2017 – 2018 — ClassBoom UX/UI

2018 – 2019 — iOS Samadhi App UX/UI

2018 – 2019 — Android Parking App UX/UI

2015 – 2018 — NL International iOS and Android UX/UI


Senior UX/UI designer


Adobe XD, Figma, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Web & Mobile UX/UI skills

Alexey - Python dev

31 July 1975


● Python (Django, Flask, Pyramid, APIs, scripts)

● Docker (Docker Compose)

● Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL

● Background tasks (AMQP, RabbitMQ, Celery)

● Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous

Integration/Delivery (CI/CD)

● Async programming (Twisted/asyncio)

● Web Scraping


● Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js)

● Linux administration basic skills

(​September 1992 – December 1997) Masters, Theoretical Physics (Pascal and C++ programming classes)

Stanford University online class “Machine Learning”

English: fluent in writing​(​August 2016 - April 2018), backend developer, devops engineer

● Integration of GitLab Continuous Integration

● Docker-based deployments

● Unit and integration testing

● APIs for mobile apps (Django, Django REST framework,


● Data exporter for financial analytics app (Power BI, Python,

MongoDB, RabbitMQ)

● Checking and creation of test assignments

● Bug fixing and improvement of existing apps

Orbis​(​June 2014 - December 2014), backend developer

● Creation of deployment system based on Ansible (for

testing, production and development environments)

● Unit-testing of the product API

● Integration of a payment system

Museeka SA​(​March 2011 – June 2012), software developer

● Distributed system (13 servers, LAN) for processing of

thousands of audio and XML files and storing the information in NoSQL database (MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Celery)

oDesk​(​May 2010 - Present), freelancer

● Universal image downloader (from any website) with


filtering capabilities

● Screenshot making service

● Unix daemon for running scripts/apps and

collecting/storing/processing/sending their output

● Backend for collecting information from GPS devices

● Scraper and front-end for managing scraping tasks and

displaying/filtering scraped data

● API for archiving certain websites in JSON format

● PDF scraper for extracting structured information

● The script that updates prices in XLS files

FreshMedia​(​January 2009 – April 2010), developer

●​- Architecture and design of some parts of the site

(​video catalog, file downloader service)​, libraries and reusable apps for the team, deployment

Freelance programmer​(​March 2006 - October 2008)

● Web-development (using CakePHP framework and other


● Integration of Bitrix CMS

● Integration of multi-language sites based on Typo3 CMS

Softshape Ltd.​(s​​(September 2001 – March 2006)

● Desktop (Windows) application development (Delphi)

● Web-development (API for desktop apps)

Tim - 10 years of professional expertise in software development;

Professional skills:

Programming and Markup Languages:

C#, JavaScript, F#, Haskell, Objective C, C++, Delphi, PHP, Perl, XML, XAML, HTML, CSS, JSON


Kubernetes, Service Fabric,


MS SQL Server, Redis, HP Vertica, VoltDB, MongoDB, Solr, Oracle, MySQL

Operating Systems, Containers and Cloud Providers:

Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Docker, AWS, Azure

Version Control and ALM Systems:

Git, Git, TFVC, Mercurial, SVN, VSS, CVS, Azure DevOps, Jira

Foreign languages: English B2

Alex - 6 years of professional experience in Quality Assurance;

ISTQBcertificate Foundation level;

Good experience in manual testing of mobile, WEB and desktop applications;

Solid experience in test documentation development.

Professional skills:

Project Managment:

Confluence, SharePoint, WiKi


MySQL; PSequel


Charles, Fiddler, Soap UI, XCode, Android Studio, ADB Tools

Operating Systems:

Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

Version Control and CISystems:

SVN, Git, Jenkins, TeamCity

Bug trackers and Test Case Management:

Jira, TFS, Redmine, TestRail

Foreign languages: English B2

Din - Qualification Summary​: More than 15 years of IT experience. Ranging from System administration to software development and DevOps.


Docker, Kubernetes (actively researching/learning), Cloud (EKS, GKE, AKS), Git (command line, visual tools – SourceTree, Bitbucket, GitHub), Jenkins, (Jenkins X in perspective), various deployment/provisioning tools (npm, yarn, gulp, helm, ansible)

PowerShell, Shell (bash + cmd line tools), AutoIT3, Javascript, GO (learning actively)

Web Development:
JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS

Dev Tools:
WebStorm/Eclipse/VisualStudio/NetBeans/SharpDevelop/Aptana IDEs, Cloud9 online IDE (, Git, Notepad++, Sublime Text 3, jsFiddle, plunkr, Atom, VIM, VS Code, VMWare Workstation/Fusion, Virtual Box

General IT:
Windows/Unix Servers, extensive system administration background, end-user support/training. Deep knowledge of all MS desktop operating systems from Windows 95 to 10

Certifications: MSCP, CCNP, A+.
Foreign languages: English B2