NEM Team Establishes NEM Korea

Led by Lance Cheang, Project Director for SEAsia, the NEM team has circled back to Seoul Korea to plant a flag in NEM 2nd largest supporter for our blockchain and XEM. Started with a sponsored talk in the recent Asia Leadership Conference (ALC) event in May 2018 where Lance was a speaker and on the panel discussion on Blockchain Technology, the team has met some great partners in Seoul.

Building upon some of the relationships started when Jeff McDonald, then NEM VicePresident (and now Advisor) was in Korea, this new initiative now looks at creating partnerships and to put boot-on-the-ground in Korea, starting with Seoul. We have hired a small Korean team, and will look towards building a presence there to support the growth of NEM. Blockchain is hot in Korea, and many government and private sector initiatives are gathering momentum in the country, with interests in building on NEM ecosystem. We have been offerred some good office space in collaboration with one of Korea largest accellerator, FoundationX and also Uniblock, a blockchain incubator located at the WeWork in the financial district of Seoul.

Look to this space for more exciting happenings in Korea.


Great job NEM SEAsia Team! Bravo!

Jeff was doing some work there last year.
This is great news for the NemSEA team, who I also believe have been working hard behind the scenes, well I have not been on Telegram for a while so yea.

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