NEM transfer issue

Hello, I have transferred Quantity 19,482.79157712 NEM from 1 Wallet to XEM wallet to pay for It’s been more than 24 hours that I haven’t received it. I tried searching with TxId in NEM blockchain explore, and it keeps showing that TxId is “unknown.”
Please can you help me to retrieve my holdings?
TxId: 72ba7605491fdc13a30fa5eec19d79f8a380f23403aed7af076374d544bec408
Date 2020/10/17 03:05:04

Hi, where did you get the TxID from? A transaction with this amount doesn`t exist.
as well as with Binance “NC64UFOWRO6AVMWFV2BFX2NT6W2GURK2EOX6FFMZ”.
What is at Bittrex under “Holdings / Withdrawal History”, Completed / Canceled/etc ?
Or is this post just an advertisement for a website?

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Looks like I missed the Txld
I`ll back from work in 6h and check it

Hi! How much time does it take to solve the problem? I have such trouble right now , 10 hours ago still no txid in the blockchain but the bittrex withdrawal status completed(