Nem-trezor library announcement

nem-trezor library announcement

Hi nembers!

I have been working this last month on a library that I think will be useful for developers from now on. Its objective is to help any developer interact easily with trezor and to allow trezor accounts to be used as seamlessly as possible with nem-library.

The problem

Last month I purchased a trezor device, and I fell in love with it, so I decided to move all my cryptos on there. As the developer of the voting system I was a little disappointed to see that voting was disabled in NanoWallet when logged in with a trezor account. Of course you can still vote by sending manually a 0xem transaction to the option address, but that is not as cool.

The solution

When I decided to solve this I did not want to just solve it for my particular problem in NanoWallet. If I was going to go through the trouble of figuring out how trezor works and how it is implemented in nem, I wanted to make it easier for future developers so they would not have to do that, and make sure they can easily use trezor in their projects without the specific knowledge of how trezor works.

So I created an npm module called nem-trezor which can easily be integrated into any typescript / node project that uses nem-library.

library source code here

library npm package here

You can find usage examples in the github repository.

I have already implemented it into NanoWallet so that you will be able to use the voting module with trezor in the next version, and I have talked with microWallet’s developers to help them implement trezor in their next version as well.

I would love to see trezor being implemented in more NEM solutions, here is my little contribution to help make that happen :blush:.

If you have any doubts or constructive criticism or need any help please leave a comment. I am not very active here in the forum, so if I don’t reply reach out to me on telegram (@shierve).


@marc0o I’m pretty sure you will be interested :slight_smile:

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Thank you @shierve! That’s exactly the kind of libraries we need! :grin:

This is amazing! great job

will test it soon. thanks @shierve!