NEM Value Calculation From 2014 - 2017

I just need some help understanding how to calculate the growth from 2014 - 2017. The marketer mentioned if we’d invested $1,000 in 2015 we’d have $2m in 2017 which is a 2,625 move upwards. How do I confirm that using a calculator? What metrics did they use to et that number?

CoinMarketCap historical data reaches back to April 2015, and is denominated in USD ($0.000086 per XEM at its lowest, I think – Aug 25th). So yes, if you were able to gamble on NEM at its lowest price, and hold it, a grand would net you 11.6 million XEM, which is worth about $2.5 million today.

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Wow. Well it is not too late to invest and HODL nem. This is actually a damn good time.

Thank You CSL