NEM Ventures - GBX XEM Listing and Future Prospects


The team at NEM Ventures are happy to announce the new listing of XEM to the GIbraltar Blockchain Exchange’s Digital Asset Exchange, the GBX-DAX. The listing, which has gone live today, is the first step in what is set to be a prosperous future relationship, thanks to Techemy Capital, a Sponsor Firm of the GBX.

Why The GBX?

One of the key interests in listing on GBX was the fact they are the first digital asset exchange that is both regulated and insured, and owned by a regulated stock exchange; the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). The GBX provides the NEM community with an opportunity to trade in a trusted and secure environment which shares our ethos building towards mass adoption and greater credibility for the use of digital assets.

The GBX is part of the wider GSX Group, which contains the EU regulated GSX. NEM, GSX and Techemy are among the founding members of the Blockchain Token Association (BTA), which is a cross-party consortium working together for the development and adoption of an interoperable Security Token framework called Verified Token Framework. NEM Ventures established a presence in Gibraltar recently and NEM is the first non-ethereum based protocol to commit to adopting the VTF.

A strengthened Relationship

By working with like-minded organisations, NEM Ventures and GSX Group have a shared objective, to build a blockchain era of finance. We aim to work closely with our fellow founding members of the BTA, to build on strengthening these relationships in the near future. The XEM listing represents the first strategic step in our partnership, which we expect to help to further align our organisations and create greater value for our NEM community. NEM Ventures is committed to continuing this collaboration, along with the PMC, Core Developers and the community, as the organisations all move in parallel to a common goal.

We encourage the community to engage with GBX, create accounts and have a look around. Keep an eye out for further announcements as we continue to develop our relationship with the GBX, GSX and wider GSX Group and confirm some exciting prospects that are on the horizon for this emerging partnership.

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