NEM Ventures - next steps


Apologies @GodTanu I just saw this question.

Backlog is the list of the proposals that were waiting in the NCF queue from before the NEM Ventures public vote.

Funding for projects that were approved before the NEM Ventures vote are still being funded under the old system with a committee measuring milestones and ensuring they meet the guidelines from when they were approved.

The list you quoted is one for proposals that are being considered for investment. Once we complete due diligence and investments are signed we will confirm which from that list will be backed by NEM Ventures.


バックログはNem Venturesが作られる前にNCFによりファンディングを受けていたプロジェクトを指します。


のデューデリと投資契約が締結されましたら、どのプロジェクトがNem Venturesから投資を受けるか、連絡します。


Hi all, its been two weeks with no update so here is what has been going at NEM Ventures.

Its been a very busy couple of weeks, and obviously last week was somewhat turbulent for most of the community. We have been inundated with questions from a lot of places, as I am sure other members of the ecosystem have, so we published a basic NEM Ecosystem overview that seems to be well received. The draft version made it to NEM Russia, Espaniol, Japan, Red & Malaysia within hours of posting on our telegram channel. So we have put a more complete version on the website for easy reference:

If anyone is trying to explain the difference between NEM, the Foundation, the Devs, Tech Bureau, Ventures etc, it may be a helpful link to reshare. It has already been picked up by two websites/news blogs and we welcome anyone else who wants to share it, all we ask is that credit be given the original source.

NEM Ventures Highlights

  • We are in advanced stages of negotiation with 2 promising investments from the backlog, more detail once they conclude. One in particular is spinning off several very positive partnerships and we expect will generate some strong publicity in due course as well, lead via a massive PR agency in the industry. These are still subject to final agreement though so are not yet signed or able to be communicated publicly.

  • We are progressing a further 2 of the six with more detailed due diligence questions which is progressing well.

  • One of the backlog projects is having so much success they are very busy, we have placed them on hold to let them focus on the business rather than investment and will pick up as soon as they are ready. Its a very positive sign for them and we are glad to see the founder prioritising commercial viability over investment if it is not an immediate requirement.

  • We have been able to introduce the final company in the backlog to two potential sources of new business and also make connections between 3 of the backlog companies who are now starting to work together. Its great to be able to make connections for the benefit of everyone where we can see complimentary approaches

  • We have drawn down the first two tranches of the Operating Budget and are in the process of setting up a bank account, OTC facilities and sourcing accountants etc. We hope to be able to offer an OTC service introduction for projects or individuals seeking to liquidate larger volumes to try and avoid the dumps onto the market we have seen in the past and reduce price slippage. This is still under negotiation but it looks promising.

  • We hit all our milestones for Q1 and we are about to draw down the first tranch of the investment budget in advance of making the first investments

  • We have had very positive discussions with a couple of new partners which we can’t share detail on just yet but if they progress as we expect, its likely we will have some more positive news. These are similar in profile to the Blockchain Token Association (BTA) which brought NEM into an agreement to implement the Verified Token Frame (VTF), a security token framework which is akin to the minimum requirements needed to implement security tokens effectively on Catapult public chain

It may be a couple of weeks until the next update just because of how quickly things are moving but we will try and share as much as we can, when we can, as always


Thanks @DaveH for the highlights.

This has really gone quite far, I am sure there will be a few more updated versions of this soon. Thanks for putting things into perspective and excited to see projects get funded soon and succeeding for 2019/2020 and beyond.

How did this partnership progress? it is a very good step forward especially in anticipation for the Catapult public chain launch.


Yep its popped up all over the place, we are happy for people to use it as long as credit to the source is noted.

How did this partnership progress? it is a very good step forward especially in anticipation for the Catapult public chain launch.

We are finalising the paperwork at present but NEM is now a founding member and appear in the media releases alongside names like TZero, Sharespost, Techemy Capital, GSX and others. We have undertaken a gap analysis with the PMC (core devs, tech bureau and NEM Europe) based on the framework document as it stands to date - we expect to be able to support it on v1 of Catapult Public Chain at this stage but there is naturally work still to be done to get there. It should line us up nicely for the Security Token movement that we can all see is on its way


As the blockchain lead for the DARC token building on NEM (and also an advisor for MarginX), I was very excited to see that NEM became involved with the VTF soon after its inception. I would love to be a part of the conversation as we as a community move forward in creating a Catapult-friendly security token standard. I think the potential is there to make a much more robust standard than anything I’ve seen so far on Ethereum. We at DarcMatter agree that this is 100% where NEM should be headed. I’m so glad to have run across this thread and can see just how much progress NEM Ventures has made in an extremely short amount of time.

This is awesome!


Hi @Prof_K - I’ll send you a PM


Afternoon all.

Update for the week - its a been a very busy and productive one, notable events below:

Which is a pretty big milestone for us, this means we have finished processing the NCF backlog except for a final few companies which we will make announcements on as we can. We expect to make the first one next week in relation to the first investment decision assuming paperwork goes smoothly.

The process for submitting is outlined here:

Please note that is a MINIMUM requirement that all proposals sign and NDA and submit a pitch deck with an overview not only of the project/tech but also a summary business etc. Once that is submitted, we will review briefly and either progress, ask clarification questions to allow progression or reject the proposal. Assuming it progresses, the next step will be to submit:

  • An up to date business plan
  • Financial forecasts

This is non-negotiable, we are assessing companies, not projects, any submissions that do not have these will be put on hold or rejected out right.

Several private approaches have been made trying to avoid doing this - for clarity it is the company’s job to present the proposed business/investment and do the homework needed to be considered a viable proposal, not ours to write it for the company. We have put some tips on the FAQ to help with this process for anyone not familiar with the requirements

We have made very good progress this week and been accepted for a bank account in Gibraltar, there are some KYC processes to finish but we expect to have an account in the next 1-2 weeks. This has taken about 2 weeks end-end and is just one of the reasons why we selected Gibraltar as a jurisdiction.

We have engaged a strong OTC partner who is working very efficiently behind the scenes with us and being understanding of our fluid nature just now while all the legalities are sorted out. We expect to be able to announce the partnership in the next couple of weeks. Similar to the Bank, there are some KYC paperwork processes to finish off but in principle it is there and has a very cost effective rate.

New Proposals
While we were going through the incorporation and backlog, we allowed various companies to submit pitchdeck’s to go on hold pending opening to new submissions. There were 23 in the end, mainly from people who just missed the NCF cut off, or referrals via the NEM Foundation. We didn’t look at any of these while processing the backlog but have now gone through the first pass:

  • Thirteen are coming into the first round of DD, the drop out rate in the round based on last time is likely to be about half
  • Four are on hold awaiting further information or for known/expected reasons
  • Six have been rejected, mainly due to not providing the required information

The way these will be processed is that the team will prioritise them based on attractiveness, need for funding, strategic relationships, responsiveness of the proposers etc. So we will not be processing chronologically as we did with the NCF backlog, this will be managed in more of a commercial manner and we will manage the queue as works most appropriately for NEM Ventures and ultimately the community.

Blockchain Token Association - Founding Membership
We have taken over the membership discussions with the BTA in order to secure access to the Verified Token Framework (VTF). This was originally being picked up by the Foundation but given the recent turmoil had stalled a bit. I have submitted our application and it has been accepted. NEM Ventures will now be paying the membership fee for this consortium on behalf of NEM generally and co-ordinate the relationship, bringing in the PMC etc where appropriate.

We have been speaking to a couple of promising early stage partnerships over the past two weeks that we hope to be able to share more in as they progress and we have finished appropriate due diligence on.

Next Week
There will no doubt be some distractions with the vote coming up but we hope to focus more on progressing the remaining NCF backlog proposals and the new deal flow in parallel. We encourage every member of the community to vote on both proposals - your voice is important and if you don’t vote, you can’t really complain if the result isn’t what you wanted.

To confirm, NEM Ventures has maintained neutrality with regard to both proposals as the custom/precedent. We will not be using our corporate wallets to vote, similarly to how the Foundation entities managed our own vote - so as not to skew the results with large holdings and we presume the two entities involved in the proposals will be doing the same as is the custom. The directors will cast individual votes according to their own views and a free to vote as they choose with no direction being suggested from NEM Ventures.

Its been a busy week and great to see some positive new stories coming up about NEM / XEM


That’s really good news. I hope you guys get really good proposals that can help to grow NEM ecosystem. I will announce that to some contacts and partners that might be interested.
Congrats for the good job.


Update on a few areas of progress so far:

  1. Our first investment decision has now been made, paperwork finalised and we will be announcing it in a few days. We are coordinating some wider PR around it right now with the company, another investor (and NEM Ventures partner) and a major PR provider that we hope will extend reach beyond the forums, telgram etc so its under wraps while that is done. But the transaction itself is complete and Id expect days or a week away approximately.

  2. We are taking a second recommendation through the investment committee process this week having completed due diligence and negotiations. Paperwork is likely to take a couple of weeks from there so a further announcement due on that soon.

  3. We have been in active discussions with two partners in relation to a new xem listing. It is likely to be finalised early-mid may and there are strategic reasons behind the partnership, the listing is just a first step and wasnt the primary reason for engaging. More to follow as we are able to.

  4. We have been working away on a couple of internal ideas that we think will ease some operational challenges as much for ourselves as other entities and projects holding significant xem. This is early stage yet and will take a few weeks/months to crystalise. Again more to come when there is something concrete.

  5. After a surprisingly painful amount of KYC we expect to have the bank fully operational in the next 5-10 days (fingers crossed) and similarly with otc and exchange accounts. The Bank has indicated they are happy to assist other elements of the ecosystem once we are setup up and we have offered that intro to the other entities if they need it.

This week and next we have a lot of competing demands for our time but you can expect to see at least the PR effects of point 1 above and if possible I will release further info on all of the points as it becomes available.

Its likely we will be trying to hit PR headlines 2 or 3 times in the next month or so. So, hopefully, that will begin to have a positive external effect reputationally for us all. Fingers crossed!


Thank you for these updates. Much appreciated!


Hi all,

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the first investment by NEM Ventures, full details in a post here:


Hi everyone,

I am happy to be able to announce that through working with the GBX as part of a couple of initiatives, it has been possible to list XEM on the GBX exchange which is one of the first regulated, insured and national stock exchanges to list digital assets, the pairings will be XEM/USD, XEM/BTC & XEM/ETH