NEM Ventures - Open for Proposals for Investment


Quick update to remind everyone that NEM Ventures are now actively open and receiving proposals for investment, for details of how to submit a proposal please go to our website.

We now have the DD queue managed to ~15 active proposals and are expecting to be processing proposals with a lead time of 2-4 weeks for an initial assessment after the 60 or so we have worked with since the start of the year.

I expect to be able to announce another couple of investments very shortly and we are finalising paperwork, identity checks etc at present so will let the community know further detail as soon as we are able to.

Feel free to tell your friends that NEM and NEM Ventures is open for business and looking for great ideas and teams to help their projects take the next step to into invest-able, commercial companies


Very cool, will the approved projects be listed on the NEM Ventures website? Would be nice to know what they are working on, a little profile about the project, the team behind it and how it will strengthen the NEM eco-system etc. :slight_smile:


Yep that is the plan, we are making announcements in the forum as well as engaging our PR company to make them externally.

In time we will open up an area on the website to cover the portfolio, probably also partners/suppliers and a couple of other sections. We hope to rework the current site in the next few months to make it easier to surface the information, its a just a question of capacity at present