NEM Vesting is not happening for me

After two years of keeping my NEM in the official wallet, I have 0.0000 vested.

Is there a secret? Because I have read about a hundred articles on the web that say it will vest at 10% a day and it isn’t happening…

Are you aware that vesting is not harvesting?
Vesting is just virtual balance that tells how much from your total balance is vested (you need to have 10000 XEM vested to start harvesting).
Could you tell me your address to verify? You can also check yourself in explorer (

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Yes, I am talking just about vesting. I have checked my address on the explorer, it agrees with my wallet that I have 0.0000 vested.

That would suggest that your balance is also 0 :slight_smile:
What’s your address if I can ask?

Perhaps I don’t understand how vesting increments. I just moved my balance back to the NEM wallet today. Originally, back in 2018, I had all my NEM in the official NEM Wallet. In February of 2020, I transferred all of it to Atomic Wallet (because I use it for other coins and I mistakenly figured Atomic Wallet would implement some kind of staking.)

I forgot about it until today. Today, I gave up on Atomic Wallet and I just put everything back into the NEM wallet. I expected the vesting to be zero initially, but it hasn’t budged from zero since I put it in.

I have about 28,000 NEM. 10% of this is about 2,800 NEM. I figured if it was 10% vested per day, I would only have to wait a few minutes for something to show in the vesting balance since it runs out to six decimal places. If, however, the vesting doesn’t start right away, or if it vests in “chunks” at some longer interval of an hour or a day, then the vesting wouldn’t be obvious right away. How does vesting accumulate over time? Is it continuous or does it come at particular intervals?

Each day is vesting 10% of your unvested balance.
So if you have 28000

First day 2800
Second day (28000-2800) * 0.1 = 2520

and so on

Here you can find calculator

I’m curious can I harvest from a mobile device if I can how do I get started where do I begin?

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Hi. Harvesting is available only on desktop wallet.

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How can I set it up to harvest only on Android mobile because I do not have a computer

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По моему сбор доступен только с ПК клиента… И на сегодняшний день по этой теме нет изменений(((