Nem wallet access problem (private key) [SOLVED]


i have not open up my wallet for a long time and i cannot find my password at all.
the only thing i can find is my private key and when i put that into password or passphrase (sign in) it say “provided password not valid”
so i guess that its a mistake to put my private key into the password box ?
Can i get access to my wallet (nem coins) by using my private key?
please forgive me as i am not at all competent with the whole thing.
Thank you.


Yes you can restore access to wallet using private key.
Click “Sign in” -> Choose private key wallet option -> Choose mainnet, new password, new wallet name and provide private key from backup. After that login to new wallet.


Thanks very much for the reply and information…it worked ! I now have access and a new password and everything…

Thanks again and have a great evening.

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