NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.2 - Bug bounty paid in XEM


I am having trouble downloading the Nano wallet . what do i do after downloading it?


What trouble do you have?
You should extract zip archive and run it. For example for universal client it is start.html and for Windows standalone version nanowallet.exe.


Thank you so much for your [email protected] finally downloaded the Nem wallet. Which is the best website to buy Nem in USD?


You want to buy for other cryptocurrencies (more possibilities) or usd?


I’m really impressed by the latest wallet version is a big improvement.
Is really cool and easy to use!
I think that now even a most stupid person would be able use it properly.


I use my own NIS for harvesting and do 10X better than other nodes. Microsoft just forced update of my NIS computer and it went offline. Installed microsoft update, turned nis on and all runs fine. It is connected to the world with port open. HOWEVER when trying to harvest with the latest nano wallet, I can only harvest on other nodes on list and cannot enter my own custom node. Is says “Error unlocking account. Invalid protocol: undefined.” I have NIS 93 which worked fine until this update.

All endpoint tests work on the NIS so it is working properly. The problem has to be in the nano wallet. Also I notice the nano wallet will arbitrarily assign nodes to harvest while trying to get my custom node to take.


Solved. Windows update removed the IV6 from my NIS computer which removed it from the LAN. Even with ports open etc, the nanowallet could not find the NIS on the LAN. Need to figure out how to get the computer back on the network.


Hi All,

Is there any news for the trezor wallet to support harvesting?

Thanks in advance.


Version 2.1.2

  • Voting modules
  • Offline transaction modules
  • Advanced Apostille
  • BIP32 refactor
  • Invoice module and component
  • Minor fixes and improvements



The Voting module has been changed to a new structure.
The votes created in 1.4.13 are also recognized in the new version.
However, votes created with the new version will not be posted in 1.4.13.
Please indicate the compulsory update.



Òne question. I found that when I create mosaics and set for one mosaic that levy is in firstly made mosaic and then send second mosaic to other user it doesn’t change value (the mosaic that is used for levy), but when the same transaction is performed from the account that didn’t create that mosaic same value is changed. Is that bug or by design?


@pavle.dakic in this case would you not be paying the levy to yourself?


The official download page link remains 2.0.14.
Please request change to those who have permission to update here.


Links already updated by @Saul. Still wrong version in label above but this is minor. Also reported to Saul.


Yes, but then the initial amount of your mosaic would change. In this case
you have a loophole where the creator of the mosaic never pays levy, while
the other do. That is my point of view, it doesn’t mean I am right, I am
just asking because it intrigued me.




will it be possible to initiate multisig transaction with prepare offline transaction module?


Version 2.2.0

  • Create and verify signed messages modules
  • Account transactions explorer
  • Fix timestamp too far in the future
  • Updated voting backend
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Вывод с кошелька

Thank you Very much!


Virus total found a trojan in nano wallet indtall files
File name:
Antivirus Result Update
Antiy-AVL Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric 20180526

Download it from the official website?