NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.2 - Bug bounty paid in XEM



@GodTanu, @mizunashi

Sorry, we are pretty busy lately. I will take a moment to check and forward to Jeff for payment.


Hi guys. We haven’t paid bounties in the lonnnnngest time. I apologize. I need to work with Mixmaster to arrange a date, but it always seems like we are busy.


About Levy setting at mosaic issue

When trying to collect 1 XEM by percentile method at 1 mosaic transmission, I found a problem.

Levy setting in 1 mosaic is collected by XEM as a percentile.
At that time, setting Levy fee to 99,999,999 will be displayed as expected.

However, if Levy fee is set to 100,000,000 all patterns become zero as shown below.

Is it just a display problem?
Or is this Levy fee specification outside the setting range?

By the way, even with Absolute the display breaks at 100,000,000

As a similar problem, there is setting of the initial issue volume.
There is no problem until the initial issue volume is 999,999,999

When it becomes 1,000,000,000 , the item at the time of sending the whole amount becomes zero as shown below.

Similarly, I do not know what is wrong.

At first, I thought it was a problem of numerical format that display could not be done well.
However, if zero is displayed, mosaic can not be issued.

I think that collection of 1 XEM around one mosaic, even if it exists, does not matter, is this a specification?


Hello everyone, How do I use nano wallet with testnet?


I found a bug that makes the error “Can’t fetch market data”

Where is my bounty :P? Nobody has answered me about this bug i found.


Sign-up. Than just use the testnet as a network.


Thank you!


Please check this bug: Developer closed the bug without fixing. Bug is still there in the latest version! I added images.


Any nano wallet DEV here? I would like you guys to fix this! Nobody, i’ve created multiple threads and still had no response yet.[quote=“logart, post:129, topic:2791, full:true”]
I found a bug that makes the error “Can’t fetch market data”

No market Data in nano wallet

i think found the problem Saul poloniex thinks i am a bot. It will force me to do captcha every 2 minutes when i’m logged in their website. I think you guys need to take the data from somewhere else, because poloniex is too strict. Yeah i downloaded the last version, i still have the same problem and is because of captcha, pretty sure.

Where is my bounty :P? Nobody has answered me about this bug i found.



No bounty because not a bug.
You are the only one affected and the problem is obviously on your side if you have issue with Poloniex directly.

Later maybe but so far it has been very reliable for market data and is the most active exchange.


Is not only a problem in my side, lots of people have this same problem. In my city, there’s a guy that has the same problem with poloniex, so the best you can do to solve this (because it is a problem) is to use another site to get the XEM ticker from. It makes Nanowallet look buggy and is just ugly that every time you open the wallet that red error appears.


Hey @quantum_mechanics

I still have a problem with this Issue, and this is indeed a bug. So i’m still not able to start multisig delegated harvesting from cosignatory 1 only from 2.


Hey guys,
Just referencing a bug I logged on the github on March 20 that still hasn’t been paid.
Bug ref :




Decimal separator problem

The wallet will send 0 xem when sending “0.2” - the dot is not working as decimal separator in the english version.


Version 1.4.0

  • New fee structure (on testnet)
  • Voting module (on testnet), made by @shierve
  • If user deny geoloc for nearest node, app will select a random supernode
  • Fixed languages
  • Minor fixes and improvements



  1. Login --Services -->Vote
  2. Go to Ongoing tab.

Expected result: Options and ability to vote
Actual result: You have already Voted on this Poll (check boxes disabled)



  1. Login --Services -->Vote
  2. Go to Ended tab --> select any ended vote
  3. Back to Ongoing tab.

E.r. Some cleanUp in the right part.
A.r. I see ended vote result



  1. Login --Services -->Vote
  2. Go to Ended tab --> select any ended vote

E.R. : I dont see Vote button
A.R.: I see Vote button and msg “You have already Voted on this Poll”, but I didn’t vote

Suggestion: Also mb need to hide Result Button from Ongoing tab, cause user see result of voting and it could impact on user vote



  1. Create Vote
  2. Go to Vote and See polls
  3. Wait for confirm tx and signal.

Ex I see some option to Refresh list of Vote.
A.R. I have to move Services --> See pools

Need some refresh option



  1. Go To Create Pool --> Date of Ending field

E.R. User friendly way to select date/time (some calendar)
A.R. String way for inputting date and time