NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.4 - Bug bounty paid in XEM

when i try to setup sub name space and leave some space in the name, the screen shows multiple warning message.

after i moving the mouse, looks some of them is disappear. The behavior looks pretty strange.

please tell me.
If the nodes to be connected are different, the displayed importance differs.
Is this a problem with Wallet’s display?
Or is there a problem with the PC’s cache?
Or is it a node or NIS API issue?

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@GodTanu could you send address (private message if you prefer)? I will check directly with API

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Hi, pawelm, that is actually my account, and GodTanu posted the issue on behalf of me.

I’ve already checked API and here’s the screenshots.

I’d kept a few hundred thousand XEM in this account until the end of June, sent most of it to another account (2.95XEM left), and haven’t touched it since then, for more than a month.

What else info can I tell you? Do you still want the address? I appreciate your help.

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@BloodyRookie importance shouldn’t be 0? Balance is below 3 XEM.

It must be, but connecting to the sixteen nodes of Nano Wallet 2.3.2, only four nodes below are showing importance 0, other eleven showing 0.1843 (can’t connect to alice3 now.)


After transferring the xem away from the account, the importance in not immediately zero. The importance flows slowly from the source to the destination account. To analyze in detail I would need the account’s address.
@lena: you can PM me the address if you don’t want it to be public.

The importance of the account is 0. The reason why nodes like hugealice show a non-zero importance is as follows:

  1. When a node is configured with default configuration, after restart of the node and chain loading the poi importance is calculated with current height that the node’s chain has. Since the account did not have a balance that makes it eligible for importance calculation, the importance of the account is not set which means it has 0 importance.
  2. If a node is configured with the historical account data flag set (like the hugealice node), then upon restart and chain loading the poi calculation is done every 359 blocks and since the account in question once had a balance that made it eligible for importance calculation, it receives importance values during chain loading. At a later point, when you transferred the balance to another account, the account is not eligible for importance calculation any more. But the old importance is not zeroed out and the /account/get request just returns the last non-zero importance it had (that is for a height of ~1690000).

So that explains the different values seen in the request. Now you might ask, if the account can harvest since some nodes have a non-zero importance for the account in the request. The answer is *no. The non-zero importance seen in the response is for a very old height and when NIS internally queries the importance, it sees zero for the account at current height (no matter how the node is configured) and therefore does not let the account harvest.


Thank you for the explanation, please let me ask three more questions:

  1. A node is configured with default configuration, or with the historical account data flag set. Is it set so permanently? e.g. are the hugealice nodes always the latter?

  2. Will the /account/get request continue to return the last non-zero importance? Or it returns the correct importance 0 someday?

  3. ”(that is for a height of ~1690000)” Did things change after that?

  1. You can configure that in the file Upon startup, NIS configures as stated in that file.
  2. As long as NIS is configured to expose historical account data, the wrong (non-zero) importance will will be shown in response to the request.
  3. At some point you transferred the balance to another account, so the importance was not calculated any more (meaning it has 0 importance).

Understand. I’ve been just a XEM user and haven’t been much conscious of how the nodes are working.
It’s a good chance to learn, and I’m excited to know more about NEM. Thank you for your kind support:)

Even though it’s configurable, it is called a display bug.
A general user will judge as such.

Is this phenomenon improved after catapult?
If this phenomenon does not occur after the catapult, I will not worry.

Catapult server has a different approach and there is no config for historical account data in that form. If historical account data is supported, it will be correct.


Hi, I think I have found a bug in “Explorer” section in nanowallet.
I had some xems in my account, then transfered them, and the balance is showing a different value than the “Your mosaics (nem:xem)” in the “Explorer” section.

An screenshoot is attached.

@xrltechcorner please report bugs here ->



Version 2.4.2

  • Updated Voting module
  • Added NEMonster collection game (by aenima86)
  • Fixed Changelly widget
  • Renamed to NEM Wallet
  • Minor fixes and improvements

The Chrome builds are not included in this release due to dependency issue.


Version 2.4.4

  • Updated voting module
  • Fix default testnet node

The Chrome builds are not included in this release due to dependency issue.

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Thanks for the update QM. Just as a reminder to all, the bug bounties are currently cancelled.

Could you provide a link to the related issue so I can track when the chrome builds are available again?

I’m trying to hold off updates until those packaged builds are back. I am reluctant to open something wallet related directly in my main browser for security reasons.