NEM wallet crashes on iOS - Any new solutions for 2019?


I recently had to restore my iPhone as per recommendation of the Genius Bar before they would do anything with my phone that clearly had tracking issues on the screen.

I had my iTunes backup (non-encrypted) and figured everything I’d ever needed in the past came over fine, so I just went ahead and did it. This was the first time I’d restored after starting crypto investing and unfortunately none of my phone wallets were working after the restore. I went through the painstaking process of reinstating my Google Authenticator pins for Binance etc and restored all of my other wallets from info I’d been told by the apps to copy and save for later, but for the NEM wallet the only thing I had saved was the wallet password. I was never told by the app to save anything else.

Now, I’ve gone through and read many many forums and it does not look likely I can get anything back since I didn’t have an encrypted backup and never saved QR code or private key or anything, but I figured I’d just check in since most of the forum topics stopped having new posts after about halfway through 2018 and I presumably had the latest version of the NEM wallet as of December of 2018 when I had to do this restore.

So… as of right now, I can open the app, but no matter what I type in the password box (even nothing) and hit next the app crashes immediately. I have iExplorer but it doesn’t sound like that will help since I my backup wasn’t encrypted.

Any other ideas before I consider that $100 or so and all the time I’ve spent lately on this a wash?



There is clear warning that you should backup your private key after wallet creation.
After restoring from iTunes backup your encrypted private key is not anymore on device (wasn’t also in iTunes backup because it doesn’t contains keystore by default).
So if you don’t have private key backup somewhere then there is no way to restore access.