NEM Wallet problems

Hi: I lost my NEM XEM windows wallet in a hard drive meltdown and have installed the new 2.4.7 windows wallet and tried to restore my wallet with my password and private key. The wallet assigned me a new zero balance wallet address and when I go to accounts/explorer and enter my original address, the correct balance of tokens is shown. How can my original address balance be made to show up in my wallet so that it can be managed? Thank you for any input on this.-JP

If you restored from private key and new address is generated it means you misspelled private key when you did backup or now when you restored it.
If you put one incorrect sign completly different address will be generated.
Private key is hexadecimal a-f 0-9

Hi, Can you help me with my Nm wallet please.
I havent opened my wallet for a while but when I try to login, it say “connection lost”
I tried downloaded the App on other iphone and put in my private keys, logged in then “connection lost” still there, I cant get to my fund. Please help, thanks

Probably node you are using is not active. You can change node from accounts view. Click tools icon in top left corner, choose servers and use another one.

If all servers doesn’t work it means your Internet connection (internet provider or router) is blocking port 7890. In such case I suggest use another one Internet source to verify.