Nem Wallet to Nano (private key 94 characters)

Good morning!

I am an investor in Brazil. In November of 2018, I bought Xem at Binance and withdraw the total amount and send to the Nem Wallet.

Please let me know (tutorial) how can I send the amount back to Bincance.

I am using the Nem Wallet for Iphone Version 1.1.4 Versão 5.

The private key in my nem wallet show 94 characters and not 66 or 66, how can I solve it, because I can not send my xem to nano wallet

Thank you very much.

Warm regards,

Valid private key should have 64 or 66 with leading 00.
Looks like your private key is corrupted. Maybe you restored app from icloud or iTunes backup?
You need to have backup of your valid key from time when you created wallet. You should do this backup before send first funds.

Dea Sir, Thank you very much for your help… The Nem software company should have a way (solution) to send me my private key, because i trusted them with it and they are the ones responsible for the app and my confident information. Also, it is not my fault the private key is corrupted because I changed my phone (new one). I strongly believe in Nem company and believe that they will solve this matter, because I have invested a large amount of money and used the app they suggested.

Private key is stored only on your device. If you did not backup then it’s lost.
There is warning when you create wallet to backup private key.