NEM withdrawal have not delivered to address [SOLVED]

I sent an some Xem from my desktop wallet to an address on the 20/02/2020 and the address have not yet received it.

Address i sent to is: NC64UF-OWRO6A-VMWFV2-BFX2NT-6W2GUR-K2EOX6-FFMZ

Thank you

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Please give your address or transaction hash to verify. Did you included your unique Binance deposit tag in message?

My address is : ND6MRT-FOQP64-F4OTSH-TSDB3G-7VFPME-2G76VS-A6HP
Harsh: 54046353ccbf62148dde3874242ac721d21f202ab3bd30efef4bcbccc563ad10

No i didnt include a unique binance binance deposit tag.


So you ignored Binance XEM deposit instructions and information that your deposit will be not credited if you don’t add tag to transaction :slight_smile:

Your transaction:

You included “For Binance” instead correct tag.
Please contact with Binance support, provide transaction hash and ask for manually credit this transaction to your account.


Thanks for your help. will contact binance immediately.