NEM/XEM Nanowallet

Hi guys, I was trying to open my Nanowallet from 3/14/2019 download. When I tried to open the wallet, a message said I needed to upgrade wallet. I went and downloaded the file NEM wallet 2.5.0 for my Mac. It does not accept my Password. The Previous version was Nem Wallet 2.4.2. I believed the password was the same as the private key? I may have something stashed away in the file? Any help here?
Thanks Ron9

No. Password is not same as private key.
If you want restore account from private key

  • Sign up > Private key wallet option
  • Choose mainnet
  • Put new wallet name and password
  • put private key from backup
  • Create and login

Ok, thanks for the help. I did find my private key stashed in a file. I was able to go through the instuctions above and get access to my wallet. I did use my existing wallet name and password with the Private Key.
Happy to have got this figured out and working! Awesome and thanks again!

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