NEM26: NEM Wallet with N26 User Experience


Good morning NEMbers,

I am new to NEM and started playing around with the Nano Wallet. First I must say, you did great work so far and from a developer perspective, NEM is very easy to use because of the SDK.

So as you know, everyone is working on making crypto adoptable for the masses. For most wallets out there, there is still troom for improvement regarding UI design and UX. I am a big fan of the N26 mobile wallet. They are a fintech startup from Berlin and try to advance the banking experience on mobile devices. You have a really minimal designed home screen, where you can see your transactions. And if you click on a transaction, you can categorize it and tag it. When you want to transfer cash from your bank account, the process is a step-by-step flow that is easy to grasp. Also you have an address book, where you see contacts you transferred money to in the past.

Now my question: If you have used N26 (or Revolut) before, do you think that having such a wallet could be beneficial to the NEM blockchain community? I am currently working on a prototype with Vue.js and Node.js but was curious what you actually think. Do you think your grandma could use the Nano Wallet? How could we remove complexity and improve the current state of UX?

Thank you.


Nanowallet is a web based wallet. It is mainly used on dektops or laptops.
For smartphones there is a NEM mobile wallet for both iOS and Android, although I’m not sure what its development status is right now.

Your other questions are retorical. If you can do better, please do, you have my support.


Develop it! We help you to promote it.