- mosaic exchange + ICO platform - open beta

Here you can check/test/try to hack my nem mosaic exchange. Right now it’s working on testnet, so you have to have some test nem. After registration(don’t have to activate by mail), any user will have 10000 test mosaics, to check how it’s working. Also i’ve made 2 test ICOs on a platform. Tokens of ICO you can buy after registration under ICO tab, for testing purposes you can buy it by your 10000 test tokens :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, or propositions, please join newly created channel for nemchange:

Cheers :wink:



If you need testXEM, go here: Paste you address here for beta NEM (Testnet XEM)

Tested, put 1 order

Any thoughts/bugs?

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Tried to withdraw, it says:

Address is not in a proper format(40 signs)
You don’t have that amount of mosaics/xem

Well, it seems placing order works well, for everything else for me it’s hard to tell as I only recently discovered NEM.
Also I think you’ll need to improve usability, other exchanges which I’ve seen have good usabiility

I think you mean user experience. I know, but it’s not a priority now :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your opinion.

Don’t forget to add “http://” to the links you sent by mail to users to verify their mails))

On mac if you do not add it users will not be able to open the link because it will looks like “x-webdoc://DCB480F3-974A-4C81-B623-4A1091B46D2D/” instead of “

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site not avaliable

As far as I know @Walkie101 is moving to new server and he plan to start on mainnet .

@ysh Thanks :slight_smile:
@Quazar_Nutrition as @CryptoBeliever said, right now domain is pointing to another server, in which nothing is migrated, but i’m woring on it :slight_smile:

Great idea!!! When someone creates a new mosaic, how exactly does it get list or whats the procedure to get it in the exchange? could it be automatic?

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How many people have registered on here and have you used it already?

Simply send your mosaic into exchange address and it will be listed.

@cashback, not much so far, 30-40

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Wow, pretty straight forward, thanks!

Well done!

How long do we usually have to wait for a withdrawal to execute after email confirmation

Up to 24h. Withdraws are for now made manually.

Our coin BobCoin is listed and it’s very easy and straightforward. Baby steps…

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I just registered on the website, very good, with some slick design it will get to professional levels.
congrats guys

are you going to open source the nem exchange?