Nemlog is great, you should try


Hi, I wanted to talk about my positive experience with Nemlog.

Nemlog is a Japanese blog platform with crypto currency tip feature. This means that besides the classic possibility to like things, you can also donate XEM. After registering yesterday, I made a small contribution to try out the platform. It takes some getting used to for the western audience, but you can find your way around quickly. There is a helpful translation function that simplifies the registration process immensely. I think it’s a great project, it helps in some way to overcome the language barrier and leads to more adoption and use of XEM. I have created a short video tutorial.

Have fun


NEM Labs is also reporting progress on nemlog.:wink:


Thanks Dorian for the video.
I just follow your advice and wrote my first article on NEMLOG. I have to say that I knew about NEMLOG but using Google translate was not helpful. I encourage nem community and NF to write and tip on NEMLOG.


Nemlog is an interesting platform, but I don’t know japanese and its quite hard to work on the platform because a lot of topics on japanese


A translation function is attached.
If you have something you do not understand, ask the developers directly


Is that Dax Johnson musiс in the video? :slight_smile: