NEMPay - Be a beta tester

NEMPay has reached an important stage where we can open a public beta.

Right now, test app will only accepts TESTNET accounts.

Steps to be a beta tester

  1. Submit your application (not accepting more applications)
  2. You will receive the application in few days (we expect from 1 to 2 days, depending if you have Android or iOS).
  3. Create an account using nempay. If you need mosaics to test the app, copy and paste your account in the forum.

Feedback / issues / bugs

We will use this thread to report the bugs found meanwhile the project is not published at GitHub.

When an issue is found, the beta tester should report the issue following the next template as much as he/she can.

OS: Android 7.01
Task: Sending a mosaic with levy
Interaction: Click sign button
Causes: Application closes

In case that it’s related with a transaction included in a block, the transaction hash should be included to be able to track the issue.


[✓] First version of NEMPay [June 28]
[✓] Testing Period
[✓] Translation module
[✓] Code release
[✓] Main net version
[ ] Upload to stores — To be announced

Want to translate NEMPay in another language? Present yourself in the Official Telegram Channel .


As I understand it the plan is to use this thread for reporting, so here goes:

OS: Android 6.0.1
Task: Scanning QR code
Interaction: n/a
Causes: Screen Overlay failure

I imagine there is a security consideration which means the screen overlay should be disabled. I did this but no difference, I keep getting the failure. I also disabled SO for System apps (which I think is undesirable, you can not expect users to disable overlay for incoming phone calls for example).

This may be an Android issue not NemPay, but reporting anyway.

couple of minor points:

-Would be nice to always see the NEM logo (so not just when logging in)
-Needs an address book! (I’m sure you’re aware :slight_smile:
-When switching to another app and back again you are logged out. Is this deliberate (security)?

I’ve not been able to crash it despite efforts to do so :smiley:

Thanks for reporting!

We will loop deep into the case, but I have tried and I’m not able to reproduce it right now.

-Would be nice to always see the NEM logo (so not just when logging in)

That is a great idea. Also will give some color :slight_smile:

-Needs an address book!
Totally aware and working on it!

-When switching to another app and back again you are logged out. Is this deliberate (security)?
I’ll check it.

Thanks again!

OS: iOS 10.3.2 (iPhone 7+)
Task: Login
Interaction: Require password everytime
Causes: No Touch ID

Not sure if you will / can enable the Touch ID - I’m using awful logins (for security reasons) that does not make this easy and think it is important for iOS devices.

The interface looks clean, but can’t trust further until my Testnet NEM is released - the forum is slow to pay and the faucets are no good.

OS: iOS 10.3.2 (iPhone 7+)
Task: Transactions
Interaction: Pulling Transaction Info never terminates
Causes: Potential Testnet access issue?

Login to NEMPay and trying to see if I have received any testnet NEM (which I doubt). Clicking on Transactions grays out the screen and a “Please wait…” spinning wheel appears that stays there and no further access until I force quit the app.

App currently not usable.

Thanks wacko for the reports!

The node we had set as the default one was down. To solved it, we published a new version, that try to connect to other nodes in case of failure.

I’m glad to see that we have a very active community! During the testing period, we have been able to spot some bugs and required functionality. For that reason, we have distributed a new app (0.0.3) with the following changes:

  • [General] Add translate module (80%)

  • [General] Get one of the available nodes and not the default one

  • [Android] Limit to minimum version 21.

  • [Menu] Fix double tapping menu

  • [Login] Select first account automatically if exists.

  • [Signup] Deleted Brainwallet and redesigned.

  • [Signup] Show private key on create account, as a tutorial.

  • [Account] When private key is shown and activity paused and resumed, private key is deleted.

  • [Balance] Take into account non transferable mosaics.

  • [Transaction] Fix copy address on transaction (Android)

  • [Transfer] Add field amount limit

how can I help with translation? where is the github repo?

I’m trying to install the latest NEMPay version 0.03 on my phone. I’m able to install the “Beta by Crashlytics” app, but while installing the actual NEMPay app from there it gives me a “Parsing Error”. Error while parsing the packet.
Is this related to my android version, I’m still on 4.4.4? However installing the version 0.01 before was successful.

Hi owon,

We found that the javascript engine of Android 4 is “old”, and we had to choose if we add support for android < 5 or not.

At the moment, we have decided to limit installations to API 21. To ensure it works with lower versions, we have to study the posibility to add 30MB of an embedded browser to the base application.

I’ll keep you posted.

Hi cyrus_1683,

NEMPay code is out! You can help with the translation here:



Hi NEMbers!

We are satisfied with the current status of the project after the beta testing period, so we have decided to release NEMPay source code.

Contributions are accepted! Read Contributing guideliness and Code of Conduct.

Do you want to help with the translation of NEMPay? Here you have english base json:

Thanks David, German language already added as Pull Request!


Japanese language already added as Pull Request!


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Russian language added

OS:: Android 7.1.1
Interaction: opening the app or any menu
Causes: Every time when my internet connection is bad, the please wait pop-up doesn’t seem to have a timeout. It doesn’t disappear, and I cannot quit them, just closing the app.

Solution: maybe after 60 sec. an error of bad connection should appear.

NEM Pay 0.3

So, what’s the state of the project?

The Telegram group has just 1 member…

Hi Rigel, here you have the status of the project:

Also, we deleted the NEMPay Telegram group in order to use this one:


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