NEMSwap - Fully Decentralized Exchange Program

Hi, I have some thoughts to build a fully decentralized exchange solution for NEM - NEMSwap.

Here are some pain point and ideas:

  • NEM invented Mosaic ahead of most competitors and didn’t move into exchange business. Most mosaic was created and can not be traded on market. No trade, No value.
  • Exchange market is moving from centralized exchange mode (HUOBI, etc) to semi-decentralized exchange mode (uniswap, etc). It is opportunity for us to lead ahead, and push to a fully decentralized exchange mode - NEMSWAP. Every one can own an exchange.
  • AMM - automated market maker, invented by Uniswap provides an opportunity to move the exchange business to fully decentralized. Exchange is not pending on order book anymore. The algorithm based on the liquidity pool to determine the price.

I need smart brains, to build a virtual core team, develop a fully decentralized exchange engine for every mosaic issuer.

please drop me a note, if you are interested to participate. I could setup a telegram group soon to continue this topic.

Please feel free to provide your inputs.

I am worry about current status of NEM eco-system. We need to bring NEMSwap into market as earlier as possible.

Thx, Jeff


Hey there,

have a look here at Swapable, it is inspires from Uniswap and uses symbol aggregate transactions, mosaics and metadata, and HD Wallets.

It is in experimentation state, so expect work to be done around it, with it, to make it work in a production environment but the concept is pretty much validated with that :ok_hand::v:


Hi, good move.

Btw , can we continue moving towards fully decentralised mode - add in that feature in the wallets and get wallet live on server - exchange node.

So every account owner can create an exchange account in that wallet and provide its own liquidity: add in mosaic and XEM to form initial price.

The wallet will based on transfer in currency and amount, calculated based on X*Y = constant, and return delta Y back to sender.

Btw, when your project will reach POC ?

it is already published:

It is fully decentralized and securing on symbol can be done with multisig.

It basically provides a p2p pool that can then be used by LPs and Swapers. LPs are also affected a share of assets relative to their added liquidity.

On that link you can find all needed info about the Swapable package. Feel free also to head over to and request a call with a member of our team.

Again. Good job.

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Btw, it it will be nice to make some YouTube video , like end 2 end from token creation, until build your own exchange to sell your token.

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@gevs quick question. any timeline to develop some front end web page to enable this swap service as POC ? i am really exited to see such kind of service is available to NEM token in the near future.

Hello there,

Let’s switch to PM for more detailed integration and/or discussing the release of a platform.

My company offers services of integration and development with custom Symbol networks ;

We do not plan to host an exchange but we can help and advise on the release a public platform.


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