NEMtech FAQ (overview and updates)


Happy new year!

We wanted to post an update to the previous topic:

Here we will outline more details about the open source side of the project, how the various components and efforts are being managed and how things will continue to operate.

How is the project set up from an open source perspective?

As mentioned in the previous post Tech Bureau has funded the majority of core development with the EU region of NEM contributing on the API/SDK/Documentation side of things. To date, all efforts have been open sourced under an LGPL or Apache v2 license and all “core project components” live under the nemtech group on github:

Who manages the project?

To date its been us as the “core devs” managing things at the top project level with the help of various people who are participating in sub-projects and related supporting efforts. We are documenting how things operate in this repository:

And will use it to continue to maintain and communicate how the project and open source community operates and how to get involved

How are decisions related to the open source aspects of the project?

We have a structure we refer to as the “Project Management Committee” (PMC) that act as stewards of the technology and work to grow the list of contributors and entities deriving value from the open source tech. We use a lot of influence and community ideas from organizations such as the Apache Software Foundation as well as the Linux Foundation

You can read more details in the community repository

What happens if companies or organizations take parts of the project and do not contribute back to support the community?

This is the nature of open source projects and communities. There are those that invest time and money to consume and further the technology for the community as a whole, others that just consume. We welcome a wide range of participation and hope that those consuming also contribute in some way.

At the end of the day as long as organizations are abiding by the license that the components are released under we are happy to grow usage of the technology and community.

How do I get involved?

We will be documenting more details and processes in the community repository, but in general you can start by please joining and participating in the slack group, look over the repositories, ask questions, etc. We welcome any form of participation, even if just questions, documentation updates, getting started/workshop examples, etc

I’ve recently become interested in nem

Thanks for spearheading this @kaiyzen. We are looking forward to formalizing and working in this new PMC structure. Hopefully, it will encourage even more contributions from partners and community members.

Ideally, this will help improve our open source outreach, which admittedly has been lacking to date, and give an outlet to those who want to contribute.