New acting Head Developer for the NEM Foundation


Hello dear #NEM,

After a long ride across projects like PacNEM, SDKs for NEM and other crypto currency related contributions (#github) - I am proud to announce that I will be acting as the Head Developer for the foundation starting this coming Monday April 1st. (not gonna be a joke)

During the last 5 years of my carreer I have put the focus on distributed ledger software development. NEM has been there on my path for about 3 years now, starting actively and openly with PacNEM… I have enjoyed the ride a lot, and I will give my best at managing the Development teams of the foundation from now on.

For the first, this will not change too much as I am still going to be very active with SDK teams, but ultimately this position will give me more managerial responsibilities as I have also aimed to this step in my carreer. I think my contributions to the NEM ecosystem as a whole have proven much of my abilities and I hope people will support me into this position. Also, I am here to be and to stay active - and not sit down on that new “Head” position I will have.

Working with- and all around-NEM has taught me a lot, and I have made quite some experiences with PacNEM being one of the smallest. During the last 2 years I have worked with many companies and stood up to become a Speaker about DLT and an Author for various printed magazines in Germany. But with all this, I was never full-time NEM. Now I am here to commit for more!!

I am looking forward to any feedback and thank the community and groups of people who have shown support about my decision or have shown support to my contributions and activities around NEM! :slightly_smiling_face:




Congratulations from the LuxTag team! :relaxed::tada::gift:


Congratulations Greg, the team at NEM Foundation welcomes you and acknowledges your contribution to NEM in the past and the massive potential and value you will be adding to and the NEM ecosystem in the future.

The best is yet to come for all of us and we look forward to progress together as a team.


Hell yeah, loving this. Greg, make us proud!