New Project: Rental Fees?

Dear Community,

I would like to create a currency on the live NEM network. Unfortunately we have no credit to pay the rental fees and therefore no possibility to create a namespace. Is there a possibility to get XEM’s from the foundation for our university project?

Some kind of sponsorship? I am looking forward to a feedback or any other suggestions.

Blessings :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mohammed.
If you provide more information on your project I can register a namespace for you.

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That would be nice. So me and my team can get deeper into the understanding of the NEM Network.

Our website:

Anything else that you need? Presentation? Just drop me your mail as a private message if that is possible.

Best regards from Basel,


Thanks for the link, but what exactly do you need a namespace for? Do you also need a mosaic?

Would be great! We want to create a cryptocurrency on the symbol blockchain. For that we require a namespace and a smart asset / Mosaic. At the moment we want to understand how an integration of such a concept would be possible for our community. Attached a brainstorm screen of our earning / wallet functionality.

We are always looking for developers who would like to exchange ideas with our team and be a part of this amazing project: Medical Treatment, Doctor, Second Opinion & More - Caresocius

I believe that you should decide first what network are you going to use?
NEM (XEM) which is mainnet or Symbol (XYM) which mainnet launch is going to happen soon?
In both cases, you can use testnet and get free tokens for your purpose. For end users there is no difference whether you use main or test net.

Thank you for your reply. We have decided to use Symbol Netwerk and will also participate in the NEM Netwerk hackathon.
Get back to you after my meeting with the development team.

Best regards from Basel, Switzerland