New to NEM and couldn't find nem monitor

I am new to NEM.
I installed the NIS following the instructions here.
The issue is… if i start ./ … it says
Error: Could not find or load main class org.nem.monitor.NemMonitor
Also i dont see anythong inside the “mon” directory except

How do i run nemMonitor?

That is old client software.
Development is already finished now.

Please introduce and use NanoWallet.

Please see here for usage.

Thank you.

@mizunashi Thanks for the reply
I am trying to run a local NIS standalone along with NCC.
The link you gave just has NIS…
I want to see the sync progress… can i use nano to connect to local NIS and see the sync progress?

It is possible to set up delegated harvesting setting in NanoWallet to local NIS.


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@mizunashi i dont want to harvest. i just want to see the progress of syncing in my NIS standalone. is that possible using nano wallet or should i go for the older NCC route?

If you just want to see the synchronization status of NIS, we recommend that you look at the NIS log or API return value.
For NCC and NanoWallet, only hight can be confirmed.


@mizunashi can you point me to the API documentation?

I’m sorry. I am not a programmer, so I am not in a position to teach you how to use the API.
If you would like to say what you want to investigate, I can investigate.

@mizunashi Thanks a ton. I want to start a NIS standalone in testnet. Create a account in it and transfer few XEM from a testnet faucet and see wether i get that. I want to see the progress of syncing

XEM of test net please apply to this topic.

I will recommend using NanoWallet as it is said that remittance will also be done.

I have never set up a test net NIS, so I do not know if I can freely build it. As for this, I ask you to answer from Dev.

I’m not sure if this tutorial is up-to-date but you can try:

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