New to the Crypto!

Hello dude,

Good day to all. I am a newbie here. I would like to invest in crypto projects. So looking for some good guidance.



List of available exchanges can be found here:


Thanks for your most important feedback.

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It’s good that you’re seeking for advice before investing, but it’d be easier if you specified what exactly you needed to know.

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You can to buy a small portion of cryptocurrency and hodl it, but it’s better to do some research before that. There are a lot of guides for beginners on the Internet. And before buying, get a wallet, preferably a hardware one.

I agree with Oshevalerari. If you’re only entering the cryptocurrency space, start with something simple. Read reviews and guides, watch videos on YouTube. You can also visit forums like Bitcointalk or Reddit and ask traders about their experience. After doing your research, you’ll be able to choose some beginner-friendly exchange and try to trade there.

Yay! Always good to see someone new interested in blockchain projects. The best piece of advise I received was from a venture cap guy: if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. That and to really evaluate projects based on the team and what their track record is: ideas are dime a dozen/ they often radically change over the course of development anyway so it’s really important for the project to have good management and strong development capabilities. A lot of blockchain projects talk a good talk, then take months and months grappling with coding and developing a PoC because of inexperienced technical talent. Otherwise, often funds are squandered with little accountability-(and then yeah things get real toxic in Telegram groups from then on). So do your due diligence on the team!

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Why did you decide to take a look at NEM?

Hello yes

Don’t do that, it is to late man)

Going for crypto means taking a risk as well. Make sure you are ready to lose some money but win big in the long run. There are so many ways for people to think of how the industry works, but I think that it is easy to say that there are so many coins to choose from. Maybe trying out ethereum in the long run could prove to be useful to you since that there are so many experts who are keen to use the coin for its advanced progress and innovation in the long run. That is my verdict.