New (web) paper wallet generator


Hi, I found out now that this paper wallet generator only generates keys when the computer is connected to the internet. Offline it doesn’t generate keys.


What do you mean? You can take a look at the code, it is working fine offline. :slight_smile:


I downloaded the code on a USB stick then when I run the program it doesn’t generate keys when the Windows 10 computer is offline. When I connect to the internet the program suddenly does generate keys after refreshing the page. So somehow the program needs to get something from the internet to be able to generate the keys


Oh yes you are right, its using these js libs:

<script src=""></script>

You can just download thoes and put them with the source if you like it 100% offline


How can I do that? I’m not a programmer. Should I copy the sourcecode into a notepadfile and rename it to bootstrap.min.js?


Not only bootstrap.min, also jquery is loaded from Internet. When I downloaded these files it was possible to generate offline. unfortunatelly I must remove integrity and crossorigin tags from jquery include.

Would be better fix this on github :wink:


You can do a pull request :slight_smile: I will merge then


@aenima :wink:




Try DL the source again, it should work offline now :blush:


Thanks, Yes great, it works offline now.


Works great. I imported the key in the Nano wallet to check and could create a private key wallet with it. Only when printing the paperwallet on actual paper the characters are vague, so it would be an improvement if these characters would be in bold. Or I can adjust that with printer settings.


Ok I completed step 5. to create in Nano Wallet an account with private key sign up to check if addresses are matching. In that procedure I had to create a password and there was a wallet file .wlt generated. Nonetheless I’m offline and will erase the total operating system from the computer before I connect to the internet again, is there still any need to keep this password and .wlt file?
I suppose not because it never was registrated on the blockchain cause I haven’t been online. So I guess I only need the private key to create a new account with another password. Is that right?


Private key is enought to restore access to your wallet.


Thanks, It all works fine and makes me feel alive and kicking :grinning: Just saw the balance on the blockchain


Cool :smiley: