New (web) paper wallet generator


I did a small project, making a simple web-based (html, javascript) paper/cold storage wallet generator. I think that kind of project for creating paper wallets without the need for installing an .exe is desirable.

I could use a few people who would like to test the generator, you guys can download it from github:



Live demo:


Downloaded and tried it. Looks like it works well. I was able to DL open it right up and generate a new private/public keypair w. address. After that, loaded the private key into the nanowallet no issues.

Loading it on mobile app didn’t work though with the QR codes. Used a QR scanner and it looks correct. Have you tried it on mobile?



Didnt test the wallet app, but I cant import from the QR-code in app either.

What format dose it use (I guess not the private key)?


using this web link offline to generate address and how do i use it to check the balance and how do i transfer NEM coins to it. can you please explain me i am new to this NEM coin and i am planning to buy. there are other popular coins paper wallets which are easy but this one i have little trouble to understand.


You save the private key (this is your master key, do not share this with anyone - this can also later be used to import your wallet to NanoWallet)

The public address is where you send funds. Remember to make a small test deposit and you can check the content of a public address using e.g.



Thank you for replying i will test it and see if it works i will let you know here.


I have one more question how to import the secret key and once secret key is imported online is it good to reuse or use another seceret code?


Yes you can import the key into nano wallet.

But im not sure i understand the question :slight_smile:


What i am asking is i moved to paper wallet and then i want to import the NEM to see if my coins are still valid instead of checking on so if i import can i move to it back to same paper wallet and the secret code is still can be used as i have imported the coins by putting secret key on website.


The XEM are still linked to your private key. But for many people the point of using a paper wallet is cold storage which is somehow broken if you import your private key into an online wallet.


Thanks for the nice work creating a paperwallet.
Can I put the paperwallet away for 5 years in a safe for example, and then still after 5 years import it in a online Nano wallet? I can imagine that after 5 years the software might have been changed and won’t accept 5 year old private keys anymore. Then the paperwallet turned out to be a worthless piece of paper I’m affraid.


You should be able import such a private key always same like first users of bitcoin still can import they private key and it’s more than 5 years already.


Thanks for the reply pawelm. Can I use this walletgenerator in Opera browser with VPN enabled? Or is another browser preferred? Ive downloaded the zip file at under the green clone or download button then unzipped it in a folder on my USB drive. Then loaded the index.html but It doesn’t generate keys. Which files do I have to download exactly? I dont understand the term download the sourcecode. Which files are the sourcecode?


I never use this paper wallet generator but:

  1. You must get archive from github
  2. You should generate wallet offline (with any network connection)
  3. Run index.html in your browser and generate keys.
  4. Print it and keep in safe place (couple copies)
  5. Before you sent funds you should try import this private key into nano wallet using sign up > private key wallet option. Just to be sure that address matches with these one which was generated. You can verify if address matches also offline (you don’t need to connect to network).
  6. You can remove imported into nanowallet from computer.
  7. Send funds to generated address and check if in shows correctly your balance.


Thanks for the help Pawelm. I unzipped the files and opened index.html in Opera, Chrome and Firefox but non of them is generating any key also not when I reload.


Sorry. I can’t help you. I’m checking on chrome for Android and it works:

Check if you have enabled javascript.


Ok on my Windows10 device It’s generating the keys now. But on the Windows 7 PC It doesn’t somehow. Javascrypt is enabled in Windows 7 maybe this is an old version that doesn’t work with the address generator? In another address generator I’ve seen a function that if you move your mouse around you create extra randomness for extra security. Is that feature not available in the NEM address generator?


It’s available in nanowallet 2.0.14.
You can generate also wallet (simple wallet) in nanowallet do paper backup of your private key and usb backup of your wlt file and purge wallet from browser. But in such solution wallet is no so “pretty”