NEWS Venezuela plans to create a crypto currency Central Bank


The national Assembly of Venezuela is preparing a reform of the country’s Constitution, which provides for the creation of a crypto-currency Central Bank. It will be “the Central Bank" with its functions in exchange, monetary and financial policy, and the Central Bank will be involved.

In Venezuela, from August 20, a new denominated currency will enter into circulation — the Sovereign Bolivar (Bolivar Soberano), tied to the national crypto currency Petro. On Monday, the country’s President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolás Maduro) said that the country will begin to operate a new system of wages and prices, also tied to Petro.


Still waiting to see any glimpse of blockchain activity anywhere. As far as I can tell this is pure vapourware still.


Yeah is it even built on Nem?
‘‘Nem with Tony’’, on youtube never gave any definitive word that this was actually built on the Nem Blockchain.
Speculation only.


If you are a NEMber, please look at the block explorer.

Petro is not working.
ICO has also failed.


You should not trust the press of Venezuela’s Cheong Wa Dae.
The truth remains in the block chain.


The wallets are clearly Nem clones.

But that doesn’t tell us anything about whether it actually exists beyond that or will ever be put into proper use.


which the last organization you expect to do so in a country.


Just by simply creating another cryptocurrecy after Petro says so a lot and most importantly linking it to their Central Bank


Venezuela is the world example for the necessity of cryptocurrency adoption how the country get adopted cryptocurrency after hyperinflated currency failure of fiat currency Venezuela is right example