NFT LBCoin - the world’s first digital collector coin

"To celebrate the Act of Independence of 16 February 1918 and its 20 signatories, the Bank of Lithuania, through LBCoin, issued 24,000 XEM-based digital tokens and 4,000 physical silver collector coins.

Having purchased the digital (NFT) coin, collectors will get six randomly selected digital tokens that will be available for storage in a dedicated (NEM/Nano)wallet or at the LBCOIN e-shop. They could also be used as a gift, exchanged with other collectors, transferred to a public NEM wallet and later be used to redeem a physical silver coin."

I think this is pretty awesome and therefore bought myself a collection.

Now I’d like to exchange some of my coins with others.

Do you guys have some LBCoins too you might want to exchange?

I’m in desperate need of diplomats (doesn’t matter which one) and could give some presidents.

Let me know if you want to swap some NFTs please :upside_down_face:

More Info about this extremely visionary project:

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I went through their website and through the registration process and it was not smooth sailing for me.
The IDentify application I used on my phone gave issues. So glad you where able to go through the process. So far no luck for me to completed it.

I used my laptop and it went like a charm. I work in the software industry and for me it’s rare to experience such a frictionless UX
Two days after I exchanged my coins into a physical silver coin (rather a card actually) it arrived to my house. Totally secure and free of charge. Try it with a desktop computer

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It would be interesting to know, how many coins have been sold already and how many collectable coins (silver cards) have been claimed.
The Stats behind it.

Reckon by now less than 1k left

Nice, if that is no 1709. There is a total of 4k so must be some more than 1 k left.

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