NFT supposed to be released in July

According to this article, the football NFTs should’ve been released on the Symbol network. There are no news/updates about this and July is ending. In what state are those NFTs? If they are available, where?

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But the XYM blockchain does not support smart contracts, so NFTs might not be possible on XYM.

Did you even take a look at that link?

Mosaics… ?

There’s even NFT marketplace running on the testnet.

Does the NFTs market place even exist on testnet? If NFTs are still being tested how could an NFT project be launched in July 2021? I still think NFTs are not possible on XYM because it does not support a turing complete programming language.

At this moment you can represent NFT at least using two ways:

  • create mosaic per NFT with supply = 1
  • using addresses shows that NFT is possible on Symbol

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I’ve just checked, now I know that NFTs are possible on XYM.

But the NGL should stop posting fake news related to the July 2021 launch of NFTs, published on

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The english version of se7en‘s Mona Lisa KPop NFT Track will be up for auction on NFTMania tomorrow July 26th approx. 2PM KST! Built on NEM’s Symbol blockchain. XYM will be the currency of choice.

That’s cute. However, I am asking about the project announced on the official NEM FB page, that seems like it just… vanished. Was that another fake promise made by the NEM Team or what?

Is here someone in charge, that can tell me about the state in which are those football NFTs right now? Because now it just seems like a millionth undelivered promise.

NGL is being closed down.
Current partnerships will be reviewed individually.

Why news like this don’t surprise me anymore?

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