Nice article on NEM

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I missed a good chance to make some good money, I guess…

Unlike in Bitcoin which uses the proof of work mining system - so you really consider it as an advantage? :roll_eyes:

For example with proof of stake, an argument can be made that it rewards coin hoarders. Under the proof of stake model, nodes are limited to ‘mining’ a percentage of transactions that is reflective of their stake in a cryptocurrency. For example, a proof of stake miner who owns 10% of a cryptocurrency would be able to mine 10% of blocks on the network. The limitation with this consensus model is that it incentivizes nodes on the network to save their coins, instead of spending them. It also produces a scenario in which ‘the rich get richer’, as large coin holders are able to mine a larger percentage of blocks on the network.

Proof of Importance looks to overcome the problems that can be found in the proof of stake model by identifying an account’s overall support of the network. NEM does this by accounting for three factors: vesting, transaction partners, and number and size of transactions in the last 30 days.


This is also a good article on the latest news with NEM!

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How do you think will those activities help to promote the project?

With the new structure, there will be a strong focus on product development and working with ecosystem partners to commercialize a lot of the NEM blockchain technology. With a more product-focused, revenue-driven approach, this will really bring things to the next level.