NIP-0021 - Symbol File System discussion

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One of the things I miss here again in the implementation is the possibility for the user to read, download and utilise their own data without having to rely on a third party.

  • Symbol CSV module


can you give more details about this?

Hey gimre,
what I’m actually getting at is a discrepancy, between the claim of NEM and the usability for the normal user.
And this since many years.
What started under NIS seems to continue here with Symbol ( …/symbol-desktop-wallet/issues#416, #527 - long time since anything happened).
Every dev or even advanced user has the possibility to retrieve his data in some way.
Nevertheless, we do not provide a format like CSV for the normal user to download their transactions that they have done over time.
A user should not have to think about how to get the TAX relevant data later, which he needs in many countries by now.
He should simply execute the transactions, XEM, XYM, “SFS”, that he wants to execute without thinking about later problems.
With more and more complex transactions that are now executable, this should really be a given by now.
Not to mention the amount of additional transactions that can be involved in an SFS.
When we design an SFS now, this should be considered. At first glance, it certainly doesn’t have much to do with the SFS. … but it is not only about things under the hood here …
The symbol-desktop-wallet would certainly be the best way for now, using the priv.key / account, independently and securely, to retrieve its data using CSV.
Unfortunately, I only see the symbol web browser under “Implementation”.


I agree, but this is somewhat unrelated (i.e. I don’t see how it’s related to any onchain FS).

All transactions retrieval (and I assume you’re thinking about block rewards as well), should be function of either a wallet or imo ideally some small tool that will do this for you. (mind that you only need public key anyway).

Anyway, I’d suggest either starting new thread or if you think there’s a need adding another github issue.