NIP (NEM Improvement Proposal)

What do you think about the idea of a NIP, where people from the community can propose and idea for a future feature?

I generally think it is a good idea.

Right now individually anybody can make a suggestion on Github for an improvement to NEM (I have made many), but there really isn’t a sense of community support behind any single suggestion.

We are currently working towards V1, just trying to make the most simple basic features that most people can generally agree on, but in the future post V1, it would be nice to have a system for discussing upgrades and voting on them to help give the devs guidance on projects for priority rather than one off Github posts.

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that would be great
additional i would love a system
where the actual question
is asked in client visible and u can select between possible answers
and each harvested block by u would count as a vote

this make sure people really involved and active and stakeholder have impact on votes

and not people dont even hold XEM

additional DEV team control still a lot of XEM and this way have strong impact

basical it would create a voting enviroment thats a safety network for dev team

most of time for sure the dev team decision is also the mainstream agreed decision

but in rare case it might be not and such a system help dev team to avoid wrong decisions

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I think that is a very easy to implement voting system. I like it.

If votes can be made anonymous, could they be used as a blockchain database for elections?

yes, exactly