Download nis-0.6.93.tgz, unzip, run runMon.bat, and the class org.nem.monitor.NemMonitor is not found. I searched the entire directory and there was no such class, org.nem.monitor.NemMonitor.

I’m furious, what is going on, thank you!

Version 0.6.93 only comes with NIS, NCC and Nem Monitor are deprecated.
So if you want to start NIS, you have to use the scripts (for unix like systems) or runNis.bat (for windows systems).

Hello, I started runNis.bat after accessing in IE, and the page has the following error {“timeStamp”: 75562318, “error”: “Not Found”, “message”: “null”, “status”: “404}”


{“timeStamp”:75563691,“error”:“Service Unavailable”,“message”:“NIS_ILLEGAL_STATE_LOADING_CHAIN”,“status”:503}

Then you have to wait until NIS has loaded the chain completely from the harddisk…

OK, wait a moment and try again. Thank you very much for foreign friends