NIS node backup

I wanna backup private keys, public keys, and addresses from NIS node.
How can I do it?
I’m running NIS node on ubuntu.

Hello, what kind of private keys? Node doesn’t store private keys. Maybe you mixed with the wallet?

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Thanks for your replies.
Yes, wallet or private keys.

@CryptoBeliever Hi. I wanna backup NIS node like bitcoin.
In bitcoin or ethereum(parity), I can backup and restore with saving following directory.
bitcoin: $HOME/.bitcoin/wallet.dat
ethereum: $HOME/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/keys
Anything similar in NIS?

NIS node don’t is not wallet and don’t have private keys. It’s just node.
If you want backup blockchain database then it’s in <home_directory>/nem/nis

To download wallet you need get it from

Backup private key on desktop wallet:

  • backup with wallet will be created when you creating new wallet. You can export it also after you login in account secition
  • in mobile wallet you can export it when you go to More > Export menu

Thanks for your replies.