No mobile wallet that support mosaics transfer


I noticed that, even as as today end oct 2018, Nem don’t have any mobile wallet that is supporting creating mosaics and transfer of mosaics.

it is difficult to grow the community especially people who already created their own mosaics.
we are not going to use desktop or notebook whenever we want to send our mosaics during a retail c2c senarios.


For Android:
For IOS:


It seems Nem team cannot understand the potential of mobile app. Nem team is giving away free Xem as a community funding and care less about development of their own app. I use other app developers like DIMWALLET but is only for android and you can try Nem Metaor for ios here


Above you have link to Android and IOS wallets.



This app can not add mosaics. If want add mosaics need Contact developer to manually add it and need pay the developer only can add.


What do you mean pay for add mosaic? All mosaic I’ve sent are visible (my custom mosaic also). Only difference is that only specific mosaic has icon and they are also visible if your balance is 0. After you send your custom mosaic to wallet it’s visible.


If you want to list your mosaic and have the logo shown in the front page. Need pay developer.


When you send mosaic to your wallet it will show on main screen with default logo. You are able to send and receive all mosaics.

If you want your own logo in wallet and that it will be visible always in all wallets even if someone don’t own your mosaic then it’s reason for me why dev is talking fee for that. First of all he can’t list all mosaics that are not in balance on main screen and he need do additional work to do that. Nothing strange to me and you will not get this also in official wallet even if it will support mosaics.
Maybe feature that allow define by user custom logo in wallet for specific mosaic should be proposed to dev:)