No NEM in wallet

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According to my stats I should have 384 NEM in my wallet. When I login, with the wallet which I made in 2017 (I didnt look at it since then), it says 0 NEM. I can’t seem to find a transaction history either.
Any Idea what might have happened?

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  • you created new empty wallet
  • node is not available. Try change it (click circle in top right corner and try switch it).

I tried to switch the node. It doesn’t work. I have managed to find the transaction from 2017. There is also a transaction at 2018 I didnt make, with Fuck in the title. Could I be hacked? Is there a way to figure out to what or who the address belongs where the transaction went?!


Your XEMs are still in your wallet. Don’t worry about f**k transaction, it was just a spam.

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I think I accicentally saved the private key of the wrong wallet. The private key I have doesn’t correspond to the address of the above transaction.

Is there a different way to get acces to the wallet of the above address?

You can get access to the wallet using private key or wallet file backup (wlt extension).

Both key and wlt give me access to a different address than the above. I cant find the wlt file or key corresponding to the address above.

It probably means I can never access it again?