Not able to see transaction fees added as balance to harvester's account


As we know transaction fees for a particular block get credited to the harvester’s account. But I tried to cross-check it and I can’t see any balance changes in harvester’s account for that block height.

Let’s take an example of block height 30000,
From, we can see total fees are 72.000000 which should be credited to this harvester’s account NBMEOTKPR7ZP36J5MU4TKTTLXREWZLCAGEUZTYM6
Now if I try to get historical account data for this address at 30000 block height with the following api,

curl --location --request GET ‘

Response is,

“data”: [
“pageRank”: 0.0,
“balance”: 0,
“importance”: 0.0,
“vestedBalance”: 0,
“unvestedBalance”: 0,
“height”: 30000

where Balance is 0.

What’s wrong here? Am I checking it in the wrong way? Or what else?

Please help. I want to clear this asap.
is linked account for NAJNVIGCXQMR4TIRTKLM435RJXHZ4C4T4C57RABR (NEM - BlockChain Explorer)

So you should check on main account:

Ok got it. So this is the remote account for harvesting and balance will be added to main account!



So can I consider here that fees always credited to,
if harvester is the the remote account for any other account then in main account of harvester
if harvester is the main account then directly in the same account/harvester’s account. (if remote harvesting is disabled)

From here, you checked importance type of transaction for this account and then found the main account.
But is there any API available to get the main account from the remote account?
If yes, could you please share it? I can’t see such info in account/get?address="" api

You need public key of remote account:

Next get account by linked account:

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