Not sure if I claimed my stake

Is there anyone here who can check if my stake was ever claimed? I’m pretty sure I didn’t redeem it because I’m a flaky idiot but I just want to be sure so I can put it behind me. The token was



Is there really no mod here who can help me? I know it’s impossible to redeem now, I just want to be sure I didn’t redeem in the past. Surely there’s a master list somewhere?

Stake redemption ended a very long time ago. Do a search on the forum for ‘Stake redemption’ and you will see all the discussion. You may be able to find out on the richlist, it has the bitcointalk and nxt accounts of stakeholders.

Not Claiming NEMStake, Why It Is No Longer Possible and the History of the Process

Hi guys thanks, I’m aware I can no longer claim the stake.

Basically, I have a vague recollection if downloading the nem wallet, so I’m worried I may actually have claimed the stake and it’s floating somewhere. Is it safe for me to assume that if my bitcointalk isn’t on that list, I didn’t redeem it?


If you claimed your stake then you must have submitted a valid nem address. If you don’t even remeber that address then you can’t access the account anyway.

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Would it have been possible for me to send it to a poloniex address? It’s very frustrating, I know I did at least TRY to redeem my stake but I can’t remember much else.

I don’t think NEM was listed on Poloniex during redemption.

It was not listed there i mean on Poloniex or any other centralized exchange.
It was only listed on NXT asset exchange in units of 1/10th of a stake at that time.

NXT asset exchange = decentralized exchange on NXT blockchain.

Hi guys thanks for the responses. I’d really just love some confirmation that I didn’t claim my stake. Saul, youre a mod, is there to your knowledge any list which could confirm this for me?

I have the NEM client installed on my old pc, but there’s no wallet file, the only thing under the nem directory are some log files . My guess is that I downloaded it, ran into some problems, and just gave up. I was very disillusioned with cryptos at the time. Obviously it’s a little hard to accept I just threw away something so valuable, so some closure would be good.

what nick did you use on btt?

Edit: Looks like you used the same nick as here. You never turned in your token so your stake was lost.

Thanks dude, seriously. Stings like hell but at least I can start trying to get over it now.

Will probably take a while though :frowning: