Note to Nelson Valero

Dear Nelson,

More practice before presentations. I watched a few presentations and they were good, BUT could be much better.
At NEM Philippines, best part of the presentation was “WE HAVE A WORKING PRODUCT, and not whitepaper like most”
Please repeat that as every 5th sentence for a year and I know NEM will be more successful. People listen in 30 second sound bites and that phrase needs to be repeated every 2 minutes, when ever you are talking or any NEMember. Even make fun of yourself.
Introduce yourself as “Nelson - WE HAVE A WORKING PRODUCT, and not whitepaper- Valero” Change your middle name to that!
This is just constructive criticism. We need to start swinging our big working dick around. So many projects out there are theory and vaporware and whitepapers. We need to be clear that we are different, NEM IS DIFFERENT!!

Thank you,

Much Love


noted on this and we will endeavor to keep improving…will apply this :slight_smile:


I have watched the same persentation and didn’t find any fault, Thanks for your persentation Nelson I enjoyed it

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I wouldn’t call it a fault, just need for more fluidity. When introducing projects built on NEM, perhaps a clearer sysops of each, and with more “HOLLY SHIT, HOW AMAZING IS THIS” subtext. We as a community are too humble and pragmatic, and seemingly so those are negative attributes in the media.


I saw @n3lz0n on a panel at ABS this week and I thought he was great. Super casual but managed to shill for NEM even though he was called up last minute. What he said that made me laugh and brought me to NEM was, “People ask me what chain should we develop on and I just say keep working on however you are working. When you get stuck, come to us and we will help you.” Really priceless comment, made me laugh out loud. I got his card and joined the NEM community the next day. NEM is a sleeper. One day the world will awake and be like Damn NEM, where did you come from. Not sure it will be this year though, or even next. The NEM apporach seems to be “Let them come.” And from what I have seen, i think it is enough. Spend the money on projects and development and the devs will come, marketing is for shitcoins.