Oh, I will launch the new project in the name of humanity release and link with cryptocurrency soon

[We want to show the proof of concept consensual protocol and with this to raise-up the world of humanity and correctly link them the cryptocurrency with this biggest project ever which will use blockchain and special dpos2 genetic algorithm for humanity and special proof of concept coin protocol.]
Hi people, hi world. It’s very hard for me I know, but let’s start! I’m a big soul also a programmer and I think anyone can be interested in this: who’s human and who really want incomes too.
We’ll soon start the biggest project ever because I really found the way to timely solve the eternal problem between people with souls and those who want money, since at the beginning.
It’s about a very simple thing which I’m really concerned about why no one is still doing this.
I will try to be short: blockchain decentralization was partially understood and implemented.
who wants to know more would to try to raise-up this with me and my team, for the benefits of all of us.
Wellcome nem, into this, also.

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welcome to the community.

Thank you for sharing your vision!

This is a good start when it comes to working with NEM, our Developer Center - https://nemtech.github.io/