Okex withdraw not working

Hello guys I am xem holder in okex and now withdraw not working according them they have no info abt xem airdrop. How we can get symbol now @DaveH. In latest tweet no info abt exchnges

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You know that this is not a NEM related problem but OKEX problem, right?
It is really possible that OKEX is done. You really need to contact OKEX to resume withdrawals.
But, if they are legit, they should also support snapshot of XEM.


Just to make sure… You are aware of all the drama around OKEX, yes?

“A founder of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange is being held by police, according to Chinese news source Caixin.”

“OKEx: You Will Be Able To Withdraw Your Money” (6/Nov/2020)

“OKEx users found out that they couldn’t cash their chips early Friday as the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange was ‘arrested.”

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Hello, I would also strongly suggest revising the slide with the exchanges that are mentioned on the official page.
The current status is displayed with June2020. Even so, exchanges like Kryptono are listed.
It’s not OK. Only exchanges with which there are currently no problems should appear there.
This should be checked regularly.

PS: If you are unable to offer up-to-date information here, you should perhaps remove the slide completely and refer to CMC or something similar.

Latest tweet had nothing on exchanges because it was a confirmation of the items the nem ecosystem has control over and the snapshot/launch plans. As exchanges announce support these messages are shared with the community as well.

according them they have no info abt xem airdrop

I can confirm this is inaccurate, regardless of who said it, all major exchanges have been sent information and know how to contact with questions. Many are in active conversations

Exchanges are external third parties that users have chosen to entrust their tokens to, I know it is frustrating and worrying when there are issues (I still have tokens locked on exchanges that went into liquidation in the last bull run, I do understand the frustration), the only people who can help you are the exchanges themselves, or their liquidators if they go out of business. It is part of the not your keys, not your coins philosophy.

Exchanges should not announce they support an Airdrop, because it is not an Airdrop. Some have announced support on behalf of their customers for the Symbol Token Allocation, some have not (yet). We expect to see more announcing on the lead up to launch but if someone has tokens on one which has not announced, they can either hassle the exchange to announce it, move their tokens to one that has or move their tokens to a self custodied wallet and opt in directly.

We are supporting various exchanges with questions and can’t release the names due to agreements with them, they will announce it themselves when/if ready to do so. Ultimately it is their decision on when/if to support the process, we help them as much is needed (and are doing).

In terms of Okex specifically, looking at the links which Rene posted is the best thing to do and you will have to work with them as a customer of theirs to ask when they will let you withdraw tokens or support the snapshot. At this time they have not committed publicly to supporting it and it looks from the links like they have some fairly serious challenges to resolve in general.

It looks to affect most/all tokens and be partly because a key holder is in custody with a national government/police force; its very unlikely we can or should have any involvement in that process. We are happy to help Okex in anyway they require but there is no obvious way to help them recover keys from someone who is inaccessible.


Hello, I would also strongly suggest revising the slide with the exchanges that are mentioned on the official page…

Thanks, flagged for the people looking at the website.

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I just read the news: “OKEx to resume withdrawals next week with promises of 100% reserves”

Hopefully this is good news for you @Market_Chanakya


OKex to Resume Withdrawal, Yet the Users still remain Doubtful, Losing Confidence.The exchange would conduct rigorous security checks before the restart. The users seem to have lost their confidence, opt to exit the platform as withdrawal resumes. But it does a major announcement

“The Private Key Holder Has Now Returned To His Normal Business Functions,”