OKEx won't pass me Symbol tokens - [Resolved]

Dear NEM Community,

I was not aware of the snapshot day and there was no warning on the exchange’s deposit page, so I sent 4302 XEM to OKEx exchange. The transaction is made at 00:00:55 UTC, which is 55 seconds after they had suspended deposits.

I have investigated OKEx’s XEM and XYM wallets. OKEx currently has 21,364,956.448332 XEM and 21,268,957.547940 XYM tokens.

There are 14 deposits and 0 withdrawal on the XEM wallet after the snapshot at the moment. When these deposit amounts are subtracted from the current balance, we get exactly 21,268,957.547940 XEM equals to the XYM wallet token balance. This indicates that my deposit is included to the opted in XEM tokens in their wallet. You can see my calculation from the attachment.

However, from customer service, I was repeatedly said I am not eligible for the airdrop since they have not credited XEMs to my account. They even claimed they will not receive any XYM on my behalf. AFAIK, my transaction is valid from NEM network perspective and not valid from OKEx internal software system’s.

Is there anything I can do to get these tokens?

OKEx XYM Wallet link: Symbol Block Explorer
OKEx XEM Wallet link: NEM - BlockChain Explorer
Calculations Link: The Latest Transactions On OKEx XEM Wallet - Google Sheets

Each exchange has own rules. Some of them did not support opt-in at all.
If they announced date before you can do nothing.

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I see. It means they shall have these 4302 XYM tokens, currently having over 2300$ value as profit along with the rest of XEM tokens they did not qualify for opt-in internally, such as the ones in less than 100 XEM balances. This is unfair earning. It was my first day as OKEx customer and announcement they mention is from March 3rd meaning I have not received any notification at all. What a user-friendly approach. I wish I could apply to the consumer rights court.

Well. Some exchanges told that they will not support optin at all so for sure Okex is not worst. They just choosed specific date. It could be also date when they took users snapshot.

Then, none of these exchanges will be the Amazon of the crypto world and shall vanish from the market in the long term.

It was not difficult to post a warning about the related news on the deposit page. I also presented the proof of opt-in for the tokens I deposited. From here, it is up to them to choose to be customer-centric or to make quick money. In both cases, the internet never forgets.

Slogan of OKEx is that “It is OK to be daring”, I understand it now. It is daring to use such exchanges.

It would be nice if people start taking some responsibility for their actions. You say you didn’t know of the snapshot and that is on you, you should have known. Most exchanges are sh**, why you use them? Whose responsibility it is?


I agree with you @pgb, I should have known, however it could still happen since as human beings, we do not always work 100% correctly due to forgetfulness, fatigue, etc… Here, I made a mistake and caused new symbol tokens to be in OKEx’s wallet. Isn’t it still fixable after the given proofs?

Let’s consider the following situations:

1- The municipality announces that it will carry out the road construction work, 15 days in advance and digs a hole on the mentioned day. If you fall into that pit and get hurt, who is responsible for that? Yes, you should have been more aware and follow the announcements, but isn’t there any fault of the municipality by not taking adequate measures?

2- You bought a “XEM” lottery ticket and put it in your wallet. Unluckily, you were not careful enough and dropped your wallet in OKEx. It turns out to be your ticket has the lucky numbers, OKEx claims the prize and then returns the wallet to you without the prize. How moral is this behavior?

I am too. I did not receive any XYM token from the OKEX exchange. What a shit exchange!!!

April 23rd Update: They added XYM tokens to my balance manually today :partying_face:

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