Online tipping, it bigger than you think

Ok so Verge did a thing with PornHub, dropped the price a lot.
My opinion is that it was a move ahead of its time, yet due to the Porn thing, it came off as less than impressive.
Steem does tipping (I think).
Youtube has an inbuilt functionality to tip live views.

But yeah this online tipping is going the way, how?
Freedom to directly give benefit to the person your viewing, over a decentralized network.

Nem has to get on this boat.

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This tipping functionality is a great idea. And with NEM API libraries, it could be easily integrated into a company’s website to allow a user to TIP someone.

I do see few things that may need consideration:

  • How to link your NEM Address/Wallet with an app or website that you want to TIP in?
  • Security?
  • Compatibility across multi-platforms (mobile, desktop, chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)?
  • SSO features / capability?

I think this could be possible as an online business for the purpose of creating a online profile that is interlinked with your NEM account in a secure fashion. And that platform is then linked to other web platforms that wish to use your online NEM profile as way to send XEM transactions on.

Kind of like PayPal where your Credit Card is linked to your Profile Account that can be used on almost all e-commerce websites. Maybe something like a NEMpal where you link your NEM Wallet to your NEMpal online account, and is accepted at NEM-enabled payment or tipping sites. This should not only apply for checkout purposes, but be able to login and have NEM funds available whenever you are on a website that has TIPPING capability enabled, and then you just choose to TIP when you want to.

This is really exciting stuff to think about.

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Online Nem profile, problem solved.

I think tipping bot should be integrated with twitter and reddit where other tipping bots also work… else why can’t we create a new mosaic for tipping ? The mosaic can be used in same way as NEM in this way it wont affect the NEM circulation and new mosaic can be easily airdropped and used in tips.

I know bugger all about programming, I wonder if NEM has a web interface in the NEM libary?
Or is this the Javascript?

It’s pretty much what I intend to do with Wishing Wall. I’m trying to make it as simple as possible for people to bookmark their own address on here, then use it as a realtime donation page (can either sort by value or the default order by time). If only I could get the real time transactions working!