Opt-in address problem

Hi there! I’ve applied for opt-in, got my XYM to address NDPM6V-TIOY46-M5ON56-MNSIVX-4HA3QR-DXJQTH-LCQ, saved paper wallet. On my old phone i could choose Opt-in Account or Seed Account. When I’ve installed XYM wallet on my new phone and scanned paper wallet, i got new address NATX373TL4LB4FQKWUOJHCY53XKQAGXTQPL4XEQ and no Opt-in account to choose. What happened? Where is my XYM opt-n account?

It seems that the private key can be imported from another screen after selecting the wallet appropriately.

is empty. It means it wasn’t included into opt-in.
What’s your original NEM (XEM) address you opted-in?