Original Stakeholder

Hi, I was an original stakeholder and had some difficulties when you redeemed stakes. I had lost my login info as I was taking care of my grandmother with alzheimers and demensia and had moved in to give her in home care. I came across a post [VOTE] Lost NXT / BTT Accounts from the original team who collected the BTC/NXT and from the official vote, it appears I should be able to collect my stake now, as I still have the UNTOUCHED/UNMOVED/UNMODDIFIED stake on the original NXT account that the stake was sent. Please contact me to explain how to collect my stake. Thanks NEM team.

@BloodyRookie could you answer please?

I also have access and can prove I have control over the original account if needed. NXT-D9HC-VFMV-TZ67-69CXU

As far as I know you can no longer redeem a nemstake.
You can find more info here:

If you missed to turn in your NXT stake you bought, you are out of luck, the NEM stake cannot be claimed any more. Sorry :confused:

how so? as far as I could understand from reading posts the coins were not burnt, and devs still have access to it? where in my last linked post was there a deadline for claiming if you had missed out because I failed to see one?

There were several deadlines. Even after NEM released the first version in April 2015 you were given an additional 2 month of claiming your stake. But now it simply is too late.

funny how after over a year of collecting money the guys didn’t even send out a courtesy email (or several really, since the claiming stake was already so messed up) to people to let them know to collect. and I don’t buy the whole simply too late excuse. instead of the motto of “fair and equal distribution for all” it became “haha you miss out, too bad”. I understand it would take a small amount of time, but a bounty could be arranged.

Except they did. Email and pm on bitcointalk.

if you call 3 staggered emails in over a year and a half and NO emailing me about collecting sure, but you are wrong. I received 2 newsletters and the original email after paying. the communication was pathetic and an obvious way to make as few people as possible collect so greedy devs can keep and redistribute the coins amongst themselves in a small group. also if you read the post I linked, you would see the vote was to give people their coins, if they had their BTT account lost. I have obvious proof I didn’t collect and proof that I should have gotten my stake. I will be pursuing legal options. being as I have talked to 5 people who have lost out, and also a close friend, there is plenty of money on the table for him to collect if possible. Good day.