Passphrase in simple wallet? / password only apply by "copy paste" and not manually

Hello all,

first time here…

Please anyone could hep with two questions i have regarding the NEM wallet:

1)is there any passphrase inside the simple wallet so to write it down in case of emergency?
I wasn’t given one during wallet creation process, i just have the password and the .wlt file.

  1. Password is only applied with "copy paste " action from a txt i have saved it in and is not recognisable by system when i entering it manually. Does it has to do that wallet is still in beta version?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


  1. You have private key. Click Account in top right corner and on right side of view you will have input to put password. After that private key will be presented.
  2. Are you sure you putting exactly same password? It should work without problems.


  1. You are right bout the private key. The problem is that when you are at the login prompt, a password or a passphrase is required to have access at the wallet and not the private key…so i suppose it’s useless in case you forgot/lost your password…as doesn;t unlock the simple wallet
    2)Problem seems to have been solved without any action from me and now accepts entering the password manually.

Thanx for your time!

  1. No. With private key you can always restore access to wallet (Sign up > Private key wallet option) . Password and login are useless in terms of restoring if you don’t have wallet file (contains encrypted private key). That’s why app warned you to backup private key!
  2. OK

It’s now clear. Thank you!